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Dream Big

Word of the Week is; Entrepreneurism.  See the definition

The act of being an entrepreneur is something that is vital to freedom.  With this weeks lesson we have been listening to teachings from Olliver Demille and his book FreedomShift.

Together little man and father have learned about Fred the horse using entrepreneurism to solve problems around the barnyard, using barter and exchange.

We’ve learned its spelling, and pronunciation, found images to feed the elephant of entrepreneurship.

Discussed entrepreneurism in geneology, sharing that his grandparents, and great grandparents for generations have been entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurism is what is helping mom and dad become better mom’s and dad’s.  A trend he has already noticed and is benefitting from.

Entrepreneurism is essential to freedom because it is an action undertaken by minds who find solutions to problems.  Who see social ills and needs in society and work to create a product or service to fill that need.  They don’t ask a government to solve it for them.

For our family and our journey to being self sustainable, entrepreneurism, coupled with free market capital systems, is the only means in which to obtain it.  For the tax man always cometh, in some form.  Nothing is free.  Entrepreneurism allows the individual to develop the vehicle which transports him best to his dreams.  For us TEAM and LIFE were a mere creation from a dream of the ideal business.  A three year focus on what type of business model one individual, (this author) could do given certain financial and personal limitations.

My criteria were it had to cost less than $100.00 and it had to help people.  One should be able to travel, do business without an office or anymore tools than a smart phone.  That most of the tools you needed were freely available if you just looked for them.

The Story is part of a collection of stories of potential.  What if tales that create a positive alternative to the future that is presented to the world today.  As Olliver Demille discusses in the latest LIFE subscription package, and his book FreedomShift, entrepreneurism is what is going to be required to save this world.  Secure freedom for future generations by creating independent thinkers, avid readers ,and entrepreneurs.

He didn’t say if you had to be a social entrepreneur working on #socent opportunities.  An #edupreneur or educational entrepreneur working to solve education.  Not specified if you have to be an #infopreneur, specializing in informational entrepreneur opportunities, or #agripreneurs those seeing opportunities in agriculture and food production.  He just said you need to be an entrepreneur.

So as part our 52 week program of education we have included entrepreneurism as a key element in our home school curriculum.  We are already seeing grand results in our son and his ability to relate to the cd’s and material coming through our training system and subscription with our TEAM LIFE business.  He knows it isn’t ok to lose.  He knows powerplayer is the goal.  He knows how to fire me up!  He is on version 2.928 today and we can foresee great enhancements in his future.  A fine  young man with manners, and the ability to choose to do the right thing if asked the right questions.  If he can, you can!

So get out there and chase your entrepreneurial dreams, see what positive affects you can have on your world.  Chase your passion and go for it!

So are you capitilizing on solving the nations problems through entrepreneurism?  Especially those with #OWS what are you doing to solve the problems that exist through the entrepreneurial spirit.  We are Living Intentionally for Excellence within an intentional community of entrepreneurs.  We invite you to challenge yourself to a higher level of personal best in order to ensure a positive solution for all mankind.


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