Opening Adventure


Excitement is pouring out of me as I begin to implement my upgrades.  This new unit has unbelievable potential and the future it has already begun to shape has my elephant charges forward.  A new book.  The real 2nd book.  A new Focus.  New Country.  Successful CHECK  LIFE Business  a DREAM COME TRUE check.  Opportunities to financially achieve goals and dreams told about in my first Compilation of Adventures.

DREAM  With this new focus and opportunity we will be able to create the HOLOSLIDE a tool using simple available technology to create a mental escape for those with chronic pain or life threatening illness.  Help enhance the ability to remap the mind of people with spinal injuries to move and eventually walk again!

FUN Yes we will have it.  For me it includes writing, creating, sharing and serving.  Vlogging and the utilization of technology for Greatness in peoples lives.  Chance to touch more people faster.

Excited?  Like a Sanguin at a sanguine convention to be more sanguine! (LIFE LINK TO PERS PLUS)  Oh this is going to be almost TO dang easy.   Except for the discipline to write regularly the process of linking books and doubling up on my methods and means for getting paid to read seems like it is going to be like a cool breeze on a hot Texas afternoon.  Up from the gulf and nice and cool, or off a pond.  The average wind in FTW is 11 miles per hour.  Making the task at hand that much more bearable because you can stop and enjoy the work you’ve done for a moment.

Once again we begin to see the Elephant Buzz process unfold in this book to change the world.  What you are reading will not simply be a story, or a journal.  It is an in-depth look at a person living intentionally for excellence.  A virtual reality show/book.  A choose your own adventure autobiographical fiction story.  It is the shared adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp.  Where the readers become characters.  A physiological thriller that asks the big questions and searches for the hard answers to Lifes toughest challenges.

Today’s Adventure included seeing a great man for his Birthday.  We’ll call him Mack.  Ol Mack was used to see potential for my future.  A future self.  An outcome of a lifestyle.  A link to the past and the future at the same time.  In reality he is someone else entirely.  Nothing like me in the present.  Rather like who I seek to be in the future.  Generous, Patient, surrounded by friends.  Caring for others and loving his family.  A teacher of great lessons.  This old cat who rides one of the coolest motorcycles I’ve ever seen.  Original Crazy Frank frame.  This bike just oozes cool in every essence of classic motorcycles.  The life of the builder, designer and rider of that bike for 30+ years only seeks to add to the quality of the machine.  We talked about friends and memories.  People of character who do what they say.  Brothers that would hold onto a motor for 14 years so you could come walking in out of the blue one day and say HEY lets get this thing built.

My Child  the Little Man.  He behaved so well and provided me with so many learning opportunities.  The greatest father felt was when learning respect and that it is never to early to begin teaching it.  His pride at me playing by myself and not having to be entertained made me feel wonderful.  Though my games caused father to worry that I was re-enacting what I had seen and he knew what needed fixed in the household.  Thank God for the Parenting Pack which put him on the right path.  Father then sacrificed time to reward us, though it eventually caused him to be late to the seminar.  That took a lot of patience for father.  He was so good.  Then I got to learn from Rianna the super smart babysitter who has some awesome dreams and real fears about expense of college.  Father and mother enjoy so much talking to young folks and learning about their fears and dreams in order to raise me better.   She honored father a lot when she asked him if he was afraid when going into surgery.  Allowed him freedom to be honest.  He would love to talk more about the patient perspective since she wants to be in healthcare.

Mother was great as well.  A CD helped them both fix things this morning when the process for getting ready to leave for costa rica began to push emotions and cause some Choleric butting of heads.  I’m so happy they are learning to be great examples for me when I’m married and adventuring with my kids.  She dealt with me patiently and evenly as is her phlegmatic way.  Her positive attitude was very helpful though father pushed her for more she gave and gave pushing her comfort zones to help Father accept his downloads.

I even told some amazing stories of my own dreams and the types of dirtbikes I was going to own and how I was going to buy them and which parts I would build and which ones father would build.  How we would work together and how I was going to earn them.  I also mentioned going to a water-park.  I know father worries about tying my wants to his goals for fear of letting me down but I hope that he begins to so that he can accomplish them more.  Mom will have to support this too.

Lady Buttercat. (Wife’s POV/also a character 13 generations after death of Conrad Von Supertramp) Such a wonderful day.   So proud of returning the extra Taco.  Def a test from God.  He had stopped to give me what I wanted.  To serve me and we received an extra taco from the clerk.  So he got up, though I’m sure physically he could have said no I won’t I’ll sit here and rest I’ve earned it, and took the taco back and gave it to the beautiful young lady behind the counter.  They weren’t sure what to do!  Not many people return food when they get more than what they paid for.

What an amazingly strong guy he must have been to do all that so soon after upgrade. Feeling so good about our Life and where we are going.  I can’t wait to rid ourselves of excuses to avoid excellence in our Life.  Since listening to CD’s and associating with a different group of people I have learned that this man is NOT CRAZY.  What a concept.  He is talented and smarter than I could give him credit for before LIFE.  So much fun and growing so fast that it would make your head spin.

His upgrades are really going to make a strong impact.  He was full of that excited talking again that just blows me out of the water.  He just gets going on these ideas and I can’t keep up with his thought process it is firing so much but that is why I LOVE HIM so much.  Ever since he read The Five Love Languages he has become a new man.  A new husband and even better than he was before and he has always been a pretty amazing man to have around.  He now speaks the language of love like poetry and flowers could do for some girls he performs acts of service out of Love.  Because he loves, he loves.

No-one will brag about him like I can.  What an amazing year 2012 is going to be.  Even if the world ends in December 2012 like the Mayans supposedly talk about, it doesn’t matter.  God has shown him that Life could go on and to focus on that because the word of God has not come completely true yet!  Yet!  But someday the Son would return and we will have no more tears.  To have a husband and father to my son who seeks to ensure that heaven is duplicated on earth through the joint creative process of his writing and God’s power is nothing short of a blessing when so many women have divorce and hardship in their marriage.  Now I know to read more for him, and I don’t mind books laying around so much.  Seminar tonight I can’t wait.  Dean and Theresa are so amazing.  Jeremy Winters reminds us so much of Dean.  Great personalities could talk to anyone, but focused and reserved, always smiling.  Wish I understood why Conrad and Jeremy have never become business partners in Life?

Ok go home, get food for Roland, give him his medicine, prepare myself to be seen with this hunk of a husband, instruct the babysitter OMG I’ve got a lot to do when we get home.  I just wish there was more time.

CVS (Self POV)  Thank you Jesus!  Finally took some time to sit down and begin to put a plan together for Life again.  Since hitting most of my previous plans goals so early and the arrival of the Life opportunity

FUTURE  Format for adventures?  INCL specific items to accomplish with each post what how much?

PRESENT how relevant is that?  As tomorrow it will be the past?  This is the moments in which we live.

Potential  This is what really matters.  What could we do with all this….stuff?  I’m looking at links right now for Rianna and it is leading me to other books that mention people in secret armies of Light and Dark, taking things from the Tower? Is this another connection to Stephen King and The Dark Tower series?  These little wikipedia popups and info popus as recommended links are providing some interesting potential in and of themselves.  Sitting here bringing the upgrade into my life, letting my body and my mind use the Word of God to create reality.  After reading The tongue a Creative Force by Charles Capps.  I JUST FOUND IT FOR FREE!  ARGH  I paid good money for that book.  Well worth the investment.  Here it is now for free.  I want to send this to everyone I know.  I’m so grateful my mentor Larry Cheatham sent me this book.  It has succinctly put into one book the grand concept of what i was hoping I could maybe elude to in the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp vs 1.0.  That what we say, and what we write, and what we put out into the world is manifest into reality by GOD’s power and your faith.  If you speak or write negative things, then you will receive them.  I knew that what the Law of Attraction and people who were new age religions were really saying was what the bible has been saying for 2,000 years.  Only it took me reading it from outside perspectives, and rather than taking GOD out trying to put GOD into everything and proving his word worked by building a business based on free information.  Proving it and bringing it into the information age.  Well here we are, and it works!

Excellent thing is you can take the lessons of GOD and the blessings of GOD and the struggles of getting worthy of his time (eternity) by seeking out an excellent existence as humans, write entertaining books about them and find financial success and personal joy in the process.  Or make great movies whatever.  So cool that Gillian let me be in her movie.  Even if I am a horrible actor I’m going to be in just such a book.  I just saw something about people accusing actor Nicolas Cage with being a time traveling vampire.  He denies it but who wouldn’t right?  I would if I was asked, that is why I am a time traveling cyborg because if I told people I was a vampire they would think I was nuts!

Time travel isn’t so impossible though now which is cool.  Gotta love all this potential.  So what shall we do with it?


Should I do blogs, books, videos?  All these or none?  There is much value in them.  At least when I give myself honest feedback I have a lot to be happy for.  Was I excellent everyday?  No.  I did not seek to be.  I only sought to be excellent 20 hours a week, because being excellent is WORK!  It takes effort to Live Intentionally for Excellence.  Now things have changed.

I’ve upgraded form Free information and the University of Freedom to paying for specific high quality low cost information through Life subscriptions.  Since being introduced and challenged by great people like Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.  Tim Marks and Claude Hamilton Larry Cheatham Joeand Tracy Clark and being a part of TEAM AO, seeing Raymond begin to blog as a way to lead his team.  I’ve been convicted on a lot.  Now I am convinced of a lot.  That I Can do what I thought was just a dream, a hobby to keep me from losing my mind, by chasing ideas that made people think I was losing my mind.  It is so nice to look back and just smile now.

Makes me sing Social Distortion.  Live before you die.  Forerunner for my Policy council song.

Edification, Duplication, great concepts for steal it from people who already did it.  Now I don’t feel so guilty about what I was hoping to achieve.  Name dropping professionally.

What a great start to this new adventure.  I hope the great people who have helped me get this far by actually reading my thoughts continue to enjoy the new version.  The plan is for a better look, a better quality of postings, better videos, and more professional feel to what I’m doing.  More excellent links and more excellent characters.  I’m gonna go offline and dream journal so as not to get to crazy for the first adventure.

Just take this with you.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!  If I CAN YOU CAN WE CAN  We are team Supertramp,  YOU Are Team Supertramp the readers.  Together we can adapt to anything and solve any problem because we are supertramps; ecological entities capable of adapting to new environments quickly and easily.

This is the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp

I am Conrad Von Supertramp; author, student, consultant, guide, Space Cowboy!  Preparing to change the world for the better by changing myself, writing about my adventures and helping to change the world.  Going to build a space chopper, a holoslide, and housing of the future.  Upgraded and ready for new and more exciting adventures.  I get results by being focused humble and patient in all things.  I am trustworthy loyal helpful friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverant and on my honor I will do my best to do my duty to GOD Family Team and Self.  With the blessings of my savior Jesus Christ I will live out my life as an example and leave a legacy for 12 generations.  I will improve myself constantly in 9 f’s. Faith Family Finances Fitness Following Friends Freedom Fun and FOOD.


Stay tuned for continue updates from the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp Vs 2.0


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