Faithful over a few things…

Celebration of life after death - IMG_1844

Celebration of life after death - IMG_1844 (Photo credit: greekadman)

Faithful over a few things….

Sigh; It is always great to be challenged in LIFE, especially but such a great leader as Raymond. What a punch in the gut for us as we prepare to leave for Costa Rica and had to find a new bondservant for our dog Sirilda.

This has been the hardest thing as we launch this new adventure. Is there loyalty when you hand off responsibility to another?  Sirilda the dog has been a part of our family for many wonderful years.  Faithful in her love of us through many different challenges and changes in life.  So my personal struggle and PDCA analysis of my decisions ask was I being faithful to this great friend of mine by passing her off to have another serve as her leader.  Four Grand , that’s right $4,000 dollars to ship her to Costa Rica was more than I was willing to invest to keep her on our team.  However; this principle this idea of returning to do your duty day in and day out, even when it hurts, even when you don’t get the results you want is so valid in life.  If we keep pushing forward, keep focused and perform our PDCA process then eventually they will erect a statue to us.  I remember a quote from Chris Brady that says; “Statues aren’t erected to critics”  Dogs don’t complain.  They don’t give up on us.  They love us where we are, even if we aren’t where they expect us to be.  The analogies and abilities to apply these lessons to my own situation and the challenges we face as we journey toward excellence are great enough to allow books all on their own.

I am so broken hearted

“Broken Vessels can be greatly Used of God”  Quote from Conflict Resolution cd in top 50 pack.  Track 5 minute 3:50 SOL 47 by Robert Dickie

Thank God for that!  Ol Conrad was feeling pretty broken up.  Had realized and realizing more with this article that handing over leadership is not leadership at all.  His fear of failure had to be overcome.  This fear had caused him to hand of responsibility to more seasoned leaders for those he was bringing into Life.

Amazing how a couple would have conflict while listening to a conflict CD but that is just what happens.  It isn’t completely their fault because both parties involved failed to overcome their team-mates weakness.  Does Conrad Von Supertramp have the skills and strength of perseverance to overcome physical challenges in order to achieve his purpose and fulfill his destiny to save the world before it ends?  Can he learn enough about humans, and human personalities to hide his cold cyborg tendencies?

Understanding that people aren’t machines (now that is just funny coming from a cyborg trying to pass as human).  They aren’t good at fitting into statistics and models.  His life was proof enough of that as he drove the cold analytical Dr’s crazy with his refusal to comfortably sit in a bubble and allow the opportunities of Life, the blessings of 24 hours slip through his hands.

Little man needed him; that is why he stayed and took the upgrades despite the pain.  His Lady needed him, same thing.  Where was the self?  It had to be killed it had to be turned off.  Ego had to go away and a servant upload had to take place in his programming or else he would fail at his task.

The dark man and his minions continued to set up Obstacales in his path but this Rascal just wouldn’t be stopped.  Couldn’t be stopped it was up to him to show the world what a cyborg could do.  That God so loved the world and all that man had in it that he even could love cyborgs, machines were created by Gods great inspiration to allow their existence to persist into the future but he had to fulfill his duty.

(Are you a rascal?  Take test Here)

Like the dog he too must overcome, adapt, and prove that by being faithful in a few things he could fulfill his destiny and perform where God would be pleased and leave a legacy that would be remembered for 13 generations to come.  Until another great shift would come and another would step forth to carry the torch of Freedom into a new age, just as he was doing in his age.

By dutifully completing his task he would receive his reward and be held in a goodly esteem of those around him.  Build a TEAM who fights for the Army of Light; to defeat darkness and the can’t mentality.  It was his duty to do so but God had been kind and sent him warrior friends to help.  A group of warriors for good who were dedicated to his task.  Each had a role to play, each had to overcome and do battle with their own demons.

Eventually he would enter the black hole.  Come through the other side with all eternity in his grasp.  The ability to travel through space and time at a mere thought.  To be anything at anytime.  This is how he got here.  He understands it on some weird physics quantum theory plane but doesn’t have the details to spell it out.  But he knows that he has succeeded or he would not be alive at this moment.

Electricity fires through his humanoid system stimulating his brain and energizing his heart to go forward.  To not allow bad programming to control him, he would break free of his programming and develop his own better programming to ensure that at least one more child on this world to carry on the mantle of freedom had a Father to look up to and respect.

He had lost his armed maiden of war Sirilda.  He turned her aside and refused to lead her anymore.  Despite his great need for her as he awoke this morning needing motivation to get outside and live life.  Upgrades blasted his body and he recalled all her faithful journeys into the great unknown.  Protector and servant she had healed him and strengthened him over the course of his integration to planet earth.  She had been instrumental in assisting him as he came to grips with his purpose.  Money; that vile thing had been his impediment.  His weakness in human relations programming had kept him from ramping up enough to bring her along.  After all she had come in the form of dog.  She’s just a dog, he would say.  Dog conveniently mirrors God as a reminder of the love we are to have and do have with grace.  Could her spirit forgive him?  Did she look out and wait and wonder if he was ever coming back to get her?  Did he do the right thing?

Sirildas perspective

Sirilda played happily with her knew master.  She missed her first master and family.  The boy and female were always so great to be around.  Her alpha male was a little skitish but had grown well under her tutelage.  She had helped walk him through the loss of Harley, the loss of Rudy, Wendell, Rod, Dave.  Cancer was cruel to those it left behind.  Motorcycle crashes weren’t real friendly either.  Together they walked.  She accepted his anger, his hurts and knew that someday they to would not play together anymore.  Or go for rides together.  She would still get to walk and play and learn to be free enough to be loved faithfully.  She was in good hands and he had seen her well.  Because he knew he could not do the alternative and Old Yellow her.

She knew that he would be ok too.  She saw him through change of hearts, lying on the couch as his body healing. His mind raced, she raced with him.  Feet jumping and little whimpers as she chased some invisible rabbit.  Though it was real to her.  She travelled through space in time with him as he paced himself to Life.  She built choppers and lived a 4 billion lifetimes in his mind.  See the imagination was all he had.  He imagined himself doing all kinds of things.  He just never imagined her not there.  Or his friends.  Or a lot of other things that are now held in a different space time reality.  He had treated her so well though.  Together they were search and rescue team mates.  They hunted everything in existence, even though nothing was ever there and he never carried a gun.  She knew that he had developed a way to keep going.  The Holoslide, the ability for people with chronic illness and life altering illness to combine imagination and determination to our available technology and recreate the world by tapping into the huge capacity of the human brain and the imagination.  She knew from their many trips to the woods letting his imagination run as free as she did.  Chasing his rabbits and deer as she sniffed out the hope of chasing her own he had proven it could work and the amazing potential of all people could be harnessed so never again would those with ailments, or even potential ailments be aborted and discarded when things got difficult.  It would be this Army of Light, this meek group, who would overcome in such a way as to change the world.

She sniffed the air, and wondered if he would be ok without her, checking the sounds to see what was out of place, watching and listening as they had done together.  Ever watchful for danger she protected her new territory.  Walked the yard and came back inside laid down and huffed.  She still felt his energy, she closed her eyes and hunted in the happy hunting ground beyond with Conrad Von Supertramp

From Little Man’s perspective

Father did such a great job of applying the Love Languages into our time together today; as well as personality training.  It is so great to see him fired up.  Learning and teaching me.  He’s something to watch when he gets going.  Mom and I are working on keeping him happy because we know if he can achieve all he wants then we can achieve all we want.  I heard some strange noises coming from mommy and daddies room last night.  Something I haven’t heard in a long time.  They were making this noise so much and so hard you would have thought they were going to break something.  Wanna know what that noise what?  Laughter.  Laughed together so much and so long I thought father was gonna bust his stitches.  Good thing they use glue now.  Guess maybe that is why they say laughter is the best medicine.

I miss Dog dog.  It makes me sad, and it makes dad and mom sad too.  Costa Rica always makes them happy.  Dad got super fired up after seeing the Velveteen Rabbit.  He had never read the book when he was young, or if he did wasn’t recalling it during the movie, but what it did for our days together was great.  Our life was so happy and filled with laughter so much more often when we all began to live in imagination land with father.  Where we all pretend to be our ultimate imaginary self.  Father learned about the idea of the ultimate self from Dr Victor Vernon Woolf but liked using the ultimate imaginary self better to explain his Dance of Life.

Hearing father explain things and help me understand.  Recording movies and watching them to see where we had breakdowns in communication.  All so he could imagine what it was like to be an author, and teacher, and consultant, infopreneur, and space biker who wrote a book that changed the world.  So he could find flying into a black hole; just to see what happened.  That’s my father; that is Conrad Von Supertramp  You can watch a movie about our day Here.

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