Goals Check

Rising of potential

Dreams come to light in the horizon of the mind.

Write a book that changed the world.  Check

Start a sustainable business that I could do from anywhere.  Check

Build a spaceship and fly into outer space.  Um… ok there are some missing steps here.

That was basically the plan a few years ago.  Today living in Costa Rica it is amazing how plans and goal setting can lead you to a dream.

What happens when the dream melts?  You know the feeling, your half asleep half awake in that perfect dream state of cognizant dreaming, then the neighbors dog starts barking and wakes you up.  You try to get back to the dream but it is lost, gone back into the recesses of your subconscious mind.  Perhaps gone forever.

What about the dreams of the person awake?

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”
T. E. Lawrence
Read more athttp://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_dreams.html#DvuTVFMlKg2mKgfb.99

“I’m a dangerous man” Conrad says staring off into the sunrise.

It seemed like a good lark for a while to dream of flying off into a black hole just to see what happens.  Now it is muddled and murky in the process of becoming a reality.  Is this what Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady meant in Launching a Leadership Revolution that a Level 5 leader “The vision and the leader become intertwinde”?

It isn’t that dreams or goals for yourself or your organization lose their clarity, but at some point the steps between A and B goals have to be crystalized.  It isn’t that the big goal, the long-term vision, or key to wealth isn’t worthwhile.  It is that you get to the point of making it happen and must then begin to see the steps you must walk up to get to where you want to go.  Somehow you as an individual are then lost in the process.  Many times having to actually step aside in order to allow the other leaders on your team to run the ball to the goal line.  That intertwining process forces you to lose your ego, and melt into the vision just like the waking dream melts back into your subconscious.

The struggles and pain of walking all those stairs faces you.  All that comes to mind is the scene in When Nature Calls with Jim Carrey, or perhaps Kung-Fu Panda.  When a person or cartoon, must climb a LONG way up to be around the people at the top who have all the answers.  What is so funny is most the time the people at the top only have more questions.  Could be why so many great sales books focus on the art of asking questions.  What did it take for Jim Carrey to become a millionaire actor instead of a broke comedian?  Dreams.  He climbed to the Hollywood sign and imagined himself a famous actor getting paid millions to perform.  Did he have to look a little funny to do it?  Uh, Yeah he made comedies!  In the process he also was able to give us great dramatic roles as well.

So what are the steps between telling stories about your  life and somehow having enough influence to build an open source spaceship that has a downloaded brain on-board to send feadback to the world from the neither regions of space in a more human form?  Well so maybe that isn’t your dream but whatever your dream is do you see the steps?  Are you keeping score to get there?

Its hut 1 its hut 2 Power Player.  Songs, motivations other peoples thoughts and ideas flood my mind.  Sometimes it seemed easier to dream a big dream when I didn’t have a clear path to get me there.  With the LIFE business opportunity and the TEAM training system I can now see the work that must be done for my goals.

What stairs do you need to climb?  What steps must you take each day to hit your crazy dream.  The bible says “go ahead fold your hands, take a nap, and you will wake up in poverty”  So don’t hit the snooze button and try to get the dream back from your mind in the dusty recesses.  Bring it forth into the morning light, shout the dream to the dog that woke you up and tell it to him.  Don’t worry that the life you see for yourself seems like a fiction novel, write the story of your future anyway.

Somehow all these little blogs and ramblings are going to culminate in the first ever success novel.  A fictional autobiographical choose your own adventure success novel.  All one can do when they realize how crazy they might sound is shake their head and wonder just what exactly GOD has in mind for us, then get busy doing it.

So as usual what are you going to do today to make  your dreams come true?  What will you do to take your conscious mind into the recesses of your subconscious mind and drag the dreams out into the light?  If you don’t you run the risk that they may never see the light of day.  Or, even worse, someone else will tap into the universal collective of potential opportunities and accomplish it before you?  Which would be a harder day to wake up to?

This is Conrad Von Supertramp, just taking a moment to question the Universe and solidify some dreams in my quest for an excellent Life.


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