Safely back i…

Safely back in LR from DFW and watching a commercial. First political TV add I’ve seen in a LONG time. I don’t miss my TV. I’m watching our two political parties, set the stage for a class war. One side picks a campaign hotbutton. The 1%, the greedy evil rich white guy against the 99%. Prior to the commercial I saw the tail end of Devils Advocate, where Al Pacino “sets the stage for whats co…min” He paints a tail, pre-milinium that he’s getting ready for the big fight. “Has more lawyers in law school than were walking the street at the time.” “Going to have aquital after aquital after aquital until it stinks to high heaven” Right now freedom, GA 5:01 “Freedom is what you have Christ has set you free” is under attack. Our very health is now being taxed. Communism vs capatalism, occupy vs tea party Ron Paul supporters thrown asunder. WE THE PEOPLE Going Under! Where are the Thomas Jeffersons, the Ben Franklins, the Johnathan Edwards, the GEORGE STINKIN WASHINGTONS? Sitting on couches watching TV. Or sitting here on facebook typing opinions and thoughts like me. Rather than studying law, science, freedom, liberty, the classics that taught our founders. We all to often sit on our buts & ors’ while our country flounders.
I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to help everyone access real truth, get to the heart of the matter, and give this country a re-birth.  See it’s WE THE PEOPLE NOT Those Politicians, who control things here, and that is all that matters.
We can train ourselves up, start any solution, take the burdens back, theres your economic solution.  If we all have our own business, and we can all read, lets start us a tribe, are you ready to lead? 
If you own your own business, then you are completely free, to go out and earn unlimited money.  Read Freedom Shift, if you think I’m just being funny.
Though the money we use, is as fake and a phony, come listen let Larry Vanbuskirk teach you about money.  My intention is not, to say I’m some kind of saint, a hard working earner I haven’t been man.  I’m a once in a while go getter, living off of the state, in a place called disability, and brother I hate, to be such a hypocrite and fake, but if the systems not for me then how could it be for you?  When I go out and earn my way off of it life will be so great, I can look you in the eye and ask I did it why wait?  Come join me lets depart this broken down state, who buys us with tax dollars they demand and just take. 
Though in the legal documents, that founded the tax code, in the beginnning is a message, its voluntary, that’s what we were sold.  Then slowly over time, they just kinda left that out, prosecuted Al Capone, and a whole bunch of others. 
Our Founders threw up in their mouths a little bit, Lincoln still sits there pondering it. How did we lose it, oh where does it go, if no one will read law books like I did so long ago.  They were mostly poor kids, reading by candle light.  Giving up meals and much else, to read late into the night.  TO study themselves, their essence to capture.  That’s what facebook will become, it’s what I’m after.  To live as the men who made this country great, so when I die I can be sure of my fate, when I meet my Savior I’ll bow before him, he’ll tell me well done as he lifts up my chin.
I’ll take up my armor and battle stations will form, and we’ll come back down here in a spiritual form, and me and my Army, my Army of Light, will bring it to those who don’t just dream at night.
Before I go, there’s some things I’ll complete, like giving my all till my all is complete.  To use all these tools of the information age, to secure my legacy for the coming age.  
Once I had a vision, a tale I wanted to tell.  Of Lady Buttercat 13 generations from now, to paint an eloquent picture of how things could look then.  A positive alternative to my next of kin.
I don’t believe in class warfare, or hating others for success, or when those with money act scandolous.  Good people with money they choose to do good.  Don’t judge the money that will do you no good.  In fact do not even, judge the other man, just whether or not he promotes our freedom.  Your only duty as judgers of others, is to first look at yourself, no not even your mothers.  
Look into your heart, and judge yourself best, or get out of the boat with the rest.  Our Land was founded so long ago, doing the very best things the people of those times did know.  They got in a boat, and they left for far lands, didn’t sit around waiting to be saved by aliens.  They packed up what they could and set sail into space, across a vast ocean to an unknown new place.
There was plenty for all, a land of abundance, and those that grew wealthy did a lot of the work for us.  There were many types of struggles, and many types of wins, that is what led us to these times that we’re in.
The history we look at, only so we don’t repeat.  Let us continue evolving ourselves into a concious loving elite.  Train ourselves up so we can become man, what’s the matter I though you were an A Mer I CAN.  If you said this word like a Jeff Foxworthy joke, it might be repronounced I’m there I can, when you grow up in the HEART Land, you can see all the sides, and you can pump out what’s great.  Why wait for California, New York or Washington DC to determine our  fate?  If your reading this and thinking I’m right there with you man, then you better just remember, you are an AMERICAN!  We can and we will, if we stop blaming our fate, on whether or not our Uncle Sam, should be from whome sustennance we take.  Should a King or a Queen, be able to make, you pay a fart tax for the beef and milk that you make, or pay for your health with a mandated tax, or make you borrow from him for the educations you lack?
When is the time, whose responsibility will you make it?  Is it somebody elses or will you come take it?
The Tribes are now forming, through the business of LIFE, a community endeavor to secure freedom forever.  If you would like to learn more please visit this sight, and make up your mind if you’ll join in our fight.  Be a customer, or member, and join up with me, as we build space choppers, and start the Galactic Federacy.  That is my dream for a better tomorrow, where people endeavor to fly like Apollo.  Go to the moon, or visit faraway places.  Create a cruise ship in space, raise up free people, one race.  No black skin or white skin, or fat or thin, because after all that is nothing but skin.  No he’s rich and I’m not, I do not like him.  Remember judgment of others is always a sin.
Go to and start LETS BEGIN!  To take back our country and show we are AMERICAN.

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