What Struggle?

Dr. Seuss Wooden Nickel

Dr. Seuss Wooden Nickel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t lose this moment of Inspiration!

Grab hold of it and ride it till it takes you where you want to go.  In the Beginning Vital Behaviors  Chris Brady says “don’t lose those moments of inspiration”  As a best selling author it is probably and highly so, that he does that when writing.  Though not having read his Italy book you might not be able to piece out his writing vs Orrins’, in say for example Launching a Leadership Revolution.

Sittin here working on a puzzle program you can download onto your Mac through the app store.  It’s fun, and some of the puzzles are pretty challenging.  Meloncholy people would love it, thinking some old thinks.  Need to research about Dr. Seuss and his biography.  Thinking about how to start going go-getter.  What life will be like when being mentored by the #6 Leadership Guru in the world.  Questioning whether doing puzzles was a good use of my time.  There hasn’t been enough work to need any restoration.  Beat all the levels in some silly RC car game I downloaded for little man.  Beat all the physics levels in Stripes, another app I downloaded.  So why aren’t I working harder?  Usually if I get into something I just do it till I win and then move on to something else?  Beating video games in a day, reading books in a day now, always moving on to something else.  So I need to do that with the business.

What are the three levels of motivation?  What is yours”  Chris asks us in vital behaviors.

Why am I looking for recognition?  Conrad wonders  According to the Five Love Languages it is because words of affirmation is my primary love language.  In a performance industry though, the only way to get rewarded and recognition is results, not effort.  Though go getter gets some nice recognition.  I’ve been able to do it when I wanted to!  Done it several times, went double go getter my first month for crying out loud!  But I didn’t get any results.  Got a lot of yes’ they just changed their mind before the ink was even wet.  Why is that keeping me back now?  Elephant doesn’t think the reward was worth the effort I guess.  Keep doing go-getter, inconsistently, but anyway, I finally got to what was sparking my original motivation to write.  Why do I use my Team Talk so much?  Realized it replaced my camera in some ways.  I’m a performance artist, its’ like a stage to let my elephant run.  Camera and youtube did it before, then switched to Team Talk.  Always get some kind of recognition that way.  Feeding the ego.  All that goes through my mind now is Orrin saying “Peter Drucker says, Every leader must confront his own ego, were in a battle, battle is the easiest part, preparing for battle that’s the tough part.”  Good sign my elephant is getting reprogramed.  Movies and music don’t come to mind as much as CD‘s and book quotes!

If we replaces I in writing will it appear as though we’ve lost our minds?  (Character questioning is going to be named Chris now)

Theres a lot of great Peter Drucker quotes, but we haven’t found the one we want yet.  Feels very borglike to begin thinking in the plural sense, but it makes total sense when there are numerous of you in multiple dimensions of reality at any given moment to think in terms of the we.  We like the “if you want to predict your future create it” quote by Peter Drucker we found.  Will be adding his book to my list of good reads .  So the top 50 books.  How long would it really take to read 50 books?  Read them or study them to learn?  2 months maybe to read them once well.  Lifetime to study them.  This is a LIFE journey, you are getting paid for living the life you always wanted!  Reading books, going out and meeting new people, doing various things to keep life interesting.  How amazing!  (who gives the answers? who is this character?  Platonic socratic type conversation here, or JOB and his friends, who asks, who answers?)

Several years ago we set out on a journey, to be the first to write a success novel.  So what is this character, this Conrad Von Supertramp going to experience as a struggle?  Many mental obstacles along the way.  There is the obstacle of achieving growth fast enough to try and outpace the Devil and the numerous things destroying the world.  Things have shifted.  We’re moving in a positive direction, flowing into a better reality for our future.  Imagine the world when it is lead by those who earn the highest communities.  When the policy council acts in a capacity similar to the United Nations.  Just to get to 1 million people it is going to take 1000 PC’s, well or like 10 Orrin Woodwards’, considering he is like a 6 times PC.  Start cloning him and Chris Brady.  That’s what really is so cool is they are doing that, sorta.  Cloning through recommendations, mentoring, the TEAM system, and providing a means of killing the money thing.  Cloning people like Tim Marks, The VikingBill Lewis, Claude Hamilton, Larry VanBuskirk, Dan Hawkins, George Guzzardo and the rest of the people all the way down to my immediate upline.  Gotta mention their blogs, much more professional than mine!

“Ok struggle, there is the dream the struggle and the victory.  To where we are at this moment has been some mental struggles.  Some of which continue.  Wondering what can be done to get my motor running faster, and harder.  Life is to be enjoyed but gotta earn freedom.”  One things(

“Just because you worked hard and have heart disease, or some other physical limitation doesn’t mean you get to be lazier than healthy people.  In fact it is probably the opposite, you have to work harder!  Don’t worry that it makes healthy people feel worse about themselves when “sick” people do more than they do.  Just do it in reverence for the Lord!”  comes the reply

“It is own arrogance not own ego.   The Peter Drucker quote Orrin says in Feed the Elephant is “Every leader must confront his own arrogance.”  Sorry, was realizing how arrogant we can be sometimes when we survive, and overcome challenges.  Lord its’ hard to be humble when we are blessed in every way.  Yes we do have grand stories and struggles but SO DOES EVERYONE!  we must remember it isn’t about us, it’s about them!  The people we talk to the people we interact with.  Their story of success!  Now theres an idea.  Could write the story of success of people on the TEAM.  Instead of writing it for people who we wanted to help, we could write it for people who are a part of our uplink, or extended Team.  A gift, a use of our talents?”

That might be a great way to get into Mr Schien with Innoventor and other companies, mention we have a blog and are interviewing people to write the story of their success.  We are being followed by Claude Hamilton after all, he says in a puffed up kindof way.  Oh there’s that arrogance thing again.  Where is the line between arrogance and confidence?

https://www.facebook.com/theresa.mainkyzer/posts/4430914332472?notif_t=close_friend_activity  “How can one week go by so quickly and the other go by so slowly?”  Theresa Main-Kyzer  Conrad says, the difference between living ones passions and not.  We have evidence of that this week.  Last week was great, in the zone, doing business launches, house plans boom boom we’re driving depth, getting yes’ got follow throughs booked, next weeks looking good, then follow through cancel, no show, talk the other person who just got them in, out of the business they said yes for and signed up for and were to bring a card in, then boom nope again slip, fall crash back down the mountain.  Man, thought Orrin said at the summer major no more avalanches.  This last week felt kinda like one.  Lady is still not wanting to dance, despite Terri Brady’s advice.  Conrad Sighs heavily.

So, going forward, we are writing the story of our success, including movies, around the process of Life, the business, the everything, the LIFE.  My arrogance comes from knowing all things are possible with God.  Including humility and the ability to ask more questions of others.  Where did it go?  We had the attitude right prior to finding the Team, were doing more of the right things in some ways then?  What we were doing together was creating the very habits that are taught.  Remember we once were thinking that all any person who is successful does, and all it would take to write our own success book, would be becoming successful.  Little did we realize back then that success writer weren’t just writing books on success, they were apply ing the very techniques we applied.

The world post shift, where thoughts can and shall be shared almost instantaneously.  Guess that means, especially in light of political commentary like what Todd Akin recently said about legitimate vs illegitimate rape, that we should be extra diligent in determining why we think what we think.  Oh the thinks we can thunk with our thinkers of stuff.  Thinking of the future and all the great stuff.  Thinking of what it will take to go out, meet the right people for go getter about, then go on to power playing so then, we can shake Mr Woodwards hand, thank him for LIfe for the completion of a thought, of how could we get paid to do what we want.  To be the greatest that ever we could be, to be a big can in the free University.  Getting paid for just living, a great place to be.  Right now our living is costing more than we earn, our community hasn’t yet joined,.  Though friends we do have and shared our opportunity, 120 folks over the past year you see.  360 or so gets us free, so only 240 more for we.  Love to share this great plan and then should be free.  120 and only grown 3?  sad yes it is sad to see, but our story of struggle will be worth it you’ll see.  Later in this book of our LIfe, we’ll see the feeling joy and not strife.  For in the end in heaven we go, if we can keep our faith strong and so, forward each day we will march toward a dream.  Land, and the pizza, and geodesic everything.  Infiinite triangles oh the memories.  Wish you could see all the things that we see.  memories of Arkansas we’re losing our mind!  Crazy big thinks hap pe ning all the time.  Little man just born, oh it’s been such a short time.  Just three and one half years of yesterday time.  Tomorrows oh the tomorrows lets pray we have lots.  For dreams are a plenty and all of those wants.  Like cruises and dirt bikes, and traveling a lots.  Sorry, got to quit reading so much Dr. Seuss.  Wondering if that fits into the Thomas Jefferson Education or not?

Struggle?  Never really is that hard in the end.  All the surgeries, all the heart pain, all the nights praying for death, God truly has healed me and answered my prayers.  Not the ones for death, the ones for life, and being healthy.  Looking backward there were plenty of times that praying for life, and to survive, and to be healthy.  We’re probably about as healthy and have as much to look forward to as any other human being on this planet.  Look at obesity, diabetes, cancer, everything else and we born with childhood disease somehow thinking we are special.  341/3 years after we were told that we wouldn’t live to see 14 my family left not knowing what to do.  We brought a child into the world 30 years 11months and 6 days later.  Sorry kid with cancer, sorry kid with cystic fybrosis, sorry kid with ADHD, sorry but your not that special.  Kids that aren’t born with some kind of illness are pretty likely to be obese and unfit for physical competition with those born with no legs, or born with autism.  Where do we compete?  Quality of life vs quantity of life.  Imagination and creativity of the mind, rather than the body.  We don’t need more athletes, we need great thinkers of think.  What struggle?  What struggle is there in life other than the ones we create in our minds?  Has there been physical discomfort a time or two in our lives?  Sure, needles, knives, pokes and prods, and scared moments that’s not what gets remembered.  It isn’t that much worse than the physical discomforts many experience even the healthy,  especially if you’ve ever been outside for any amount of time.  Sunburns have hurt worse, and lasted longer than it has taken to heal up from invasive medical procedures.  We livers of life have  ridden in the rain, we’ve ridden in the cold, we’ve ridden in hail, and when the wind has blown.  We’re bikers we’re tough, and we’ll ride through it all.  Overcome all the elements of this world just for yawl  Poetry baby.  How to put my pieces together?  Puzzles right now make me think of the opening to our Mental Fitness Challenge, how it helps put the pieces together.  Our scoreboard has to have quality measured somehow.  One can’t read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and not consider quality.  One can’t set out on their own version of a phadreatic journey.  HOLY COW WHAT IF ALL THIS IS JUST A HALUCINATION AND I”M REALLY IN A PHSYCE WARD RIGHT NOW?  Like that lady in How to Win Friends and Influence People, how people will literally drive themselves insane to get appreciation and recognition in life, the lady had not achieved the success she really wanted in marriage and with having kids, so in the psyche ward every night she has another baby, and is married to some Duke or something.  What if really I’m just traveling through time in my brain as I type, piecing the clues together as to my reality?  Stephen King just gives us so much potential as authors and creators after writing himself into The Dark Tower series.  Brilliance.  Now to just become as good of an author as him and creating characters you love?  is that the struggle?  You want to be an author and the struggle is, you need to type something every day.  Boo hoo hoo I don’t have any hands.  They have recording devices, tell the story that way.  You want to own a super nice car?  Go earn the moony and pay cash for it, but decide where the car ranks in importance to your house etc.  We’ve all seen houses that cost less than the cars in the driveways, problem is most of those were bought on credit.  It’s fine to purchase on credit, just intend to pay.  Are we hypocrites if we say that and were able to use our poor physical health to get money from those with poor mental health?  Oops was that offensive?  Sorry, is it arrogant to feel good that the leaders of this business are doing the things we worked on prior to 11/11/11?  Oh yeah!  Someday the results will be worth it?  Already are.  My little man, leading a group of 10 year olds in battle at 2 years old!  WORTH IT!  Quality of life.

Being able to use an unfair advantage of physical or genetic anomaly, to get healthy people to work for tax dollars to pay off some of those debts.  Not worth it.  We play the hands we were dealt.  It’s funny because “we look so healthy.”  What’s funny is how unhealthy so many healthy people look.  Guess maybe those born with genetic anomalies shouldn’t appear normal, we should all have to be  sickly and green around the gills, walking around like we have the flu every day or something.  How’s that for offensive?  You look healthy, YOU LOOK FAT!  Now we almost all have a special interest group working on our behalves in washington, working on helping us get our special deals.  Disabled, what a joke, the standards are all messed up.  Lose use of limbs or even lose a limb and suddenly your disabled?  Nope sorry should be no such designation.  How do we allow for maximum potential out of people who truly have physical discomforts working and fitting their life into the square boring pegs of todays working society, especially those in the E quadrant and S quadrant, according to Mr Kiosaki.  His unfair advantage is financial wisdom.  Mine is a physical defect?

Defect, there was only ONE perfect man and we crucified him, so why would we EVER want to come here perfect.  God knew the hair on every persons head before they came, so who would ever choose that path for life again?  That’d be funny, Jesus comes back for the 2nd coming as a person we all see as imperfect.  Maybe has cerebral palsy or autism, or ADHD.  Maybe he’ll have restless leg syndrome too.  If Darwin is who we are taught to believe then we’re all mutants, every one of us, and there is no difference between a defective heart and a defective thyroid gland.  It is just a genetic anomaly.

Not all of us are born with the ability to compete in athletic endeavors or work labor jobs. (Who is this voice?)

We’ve not seen many examples of multi sport champions.  We couldn’t all compete in the special olympics either is that unfair to those who can’t?  Where would a cardiac patent go to achieve physical competition?  Doesn’t mean it isn’ possible, just not aware of any national media attention getting activities for cystic fibrosis triathlons, or athletes with club foot, though we have athletes in wheelchairs, and athletes with prosthetics competing.  There are those who’ve had heart attacks, but were born with a congenitally superior heart, or a statistically average heart.  So what your gay, so what you have a genetic anomaly, if it is something we are born with, then really there is no average, or basis for a “healthy normal human.”  So why is everyone whining so much and struggling so hard?  Life is easy!  We ain’t got not blues around here, life is easy, let me take some time to make it clear.  If your breathing then your living, and living ain’t so bad.  Only thing that makes it so, is the thinking that we ha ave.  You could be starving or be bleeding, or have just stubbed your toe, but if your alive your just in pain, it doesn’t really even mean it’s so.  That condition that your liven, well it is just a reflection.  Of your mental condition, nothing else is reflection.  Life is easy, even if it is hot outside, life is easy, what you have are fear, worry and doubt.  In the time of 2012, there is abundant wealth and opportunity.  People around the world, are in need of something, people around the world, are capable of giving it to them.  Life is easy to say, let someone else do that.   Life is easy to say thats tragic buy not my concern.  I’ll go work over here just to pay for a place to stay, then worry about how much I can give away.  Life is easy it can even be a musical.  What your reading we’re singing, you don’t know the tune, life is easy, can you sing me your life tune?

Did you know that aboriginal tribes in australia create stories of their life in song, and those songs tell them important places, events, geography etc.  Think I saw it in a movie once, maybe read it too.  My song of life would be jacked up.  Intersecting country, rap, blues, rock, pop, be bop and a doo wop.  What’d yours sound like?  Would you only sing about the bad days?  The cloudy rainy days?  All my motorcycle riding brothers and sisters would you only remember the rides where the weather wasn’t perfect?  Quality vs quantity and how to score it in the game of life?  Struggle, put the pieces of life together to understand the why.  You can ask why me, or why not?  LIfe is truly pretty easy.  Perhaps a frontal lobotomy?  Still think it’d be a blast to hang out in a nut farm for a while, like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.  Living Intentionally for Excellence, we have to ask what defines quality of finances, the amount of it collected or the usage of the amount spent?  What you did with as little as possible, or what you did for others with the most possible?  Faith how much or the quality?  Family? Frinds? Fitness? Fun? Freedom?  If you were only truly free for 1 day, just 1 day what would that day be like compared to a lifetime of assumed freedoms?

Who are we?

Everything in bold is available through the LIFE membership.  Start your library today!  Go to Products plus there are available a myriad of other great sources of information to begin and excel your quality of life experience.  Superb audios, fantastic books.  Something every student in the University of Freedom should explore.  Things in parenthesis are thoughts upon initial review, remember this is a life book writing.

Students of life, that is what we are.  Students of life, who like doing things rather uniquely.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our little foray into the mind please come back again soon when we finish our thoughts.


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