Executing the plan

It is Friday!


Earlier in the week a goal was set to post a blog by Friday.  Thus far nothing overly whimsical or profound has entered the brain that made it seem necessary to share.


However; a goal is a goal.  The goal wasn’t to post the greatest blog ever, just to post something on Friday.


On the road to excellence, having a plan, executing that plan (do something), checking the results, and making adjustments are necessary to accomplishing great things and living excellently.


So the first question is do you have a plan?


If so did you do anything to execute it?


What lessons did you learn?  Did you get the results you want?


If so, then there is no adjustment, if not then it is time to adjust.


A review of my own personal mission to live excellently has went very good as I look back.  My scorecard is good, it seems that hump day (wednesday) is when I slip.  That seems to be when everyone else starts getting recharged, heading into the weekend.  Today someone posted a comment about a conversation they had that went. 


“How was your day?  The fine gentleman asked


“Not bad for a Friday?”  Said the frumpy lady


“Are other days better?”  The gentleman probed.


“No they are pretty much all the same.”  The frumpy lady replied, walking off with a thoughtful expression on her face.


If no day is better than another would you say that the lady was living a good life?  It would definitely seem that she wasn’t living a Masterpiece life, making each day her masterpiece.  It wouldn’t be far fetched to say she didn’t probably have plans for her days to accomplish either.


What quantifies a good plan though.  If you have a plan to do nothing and you execute it flawlessly would that constitute an excellent life?  


The score at the end of the week of nothing accomplished days might look really good.  All A’s no adjustment needed right?  


One of my mentors advised when looking at my scorecard that it might be necessary to apply more specific goals, today is clearly one of those moments when the plan that was put into place was not clearly defined enough.


It’s still so challenging to share stories that do not include the word “I” especially when trying to share stories of life.


Ok, so since there wasn’t a determining factor about what to post it is time to wrap this up.  The little man wants my attention and is at present hanging like a monkey on a junkie from my neck.


Check and done!


Have a great weekend, and live excellently!Image


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