Today Matters; Success stories for kids

Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp V 2.0

Fred the horse wanted to be a great racehorse.  He dreamed of being the Grand Champion of horse racing.  One day he decided to talk to all the farm animals and find out how he could be a racehorse.

Mitsy the cat told Fred; “You’re to young to be a racehorse, your just a pony.” and went back to chasing mice.

“We aren’t a race farm.”  Laughed Juan the donkey.  “How would you ever get to race?  You’ll be a plow horse forever.”  and he went back to driving the mill press.

This went on all day.  Betsy the cow told him it took hard work and a lot of luck and that Fred wasn’t lucky.  Roger the rooster fell off his perch laughing; telling Fred he would never make it.

Fred was sad, noone could tell him how to become a champion racehorse.  Finally he decided to go…

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