Six Pack Sales Abs

How to get Six Pack Sales Abs


Selling is not manipulation.  It is not the slick backed guy with the cheesy smile and quick hustle.  It is an honorable position.  And ALL OF US are in the business of Sales.  All of us are in the business of self.


You sell yourself every day, to every person you meet.  Every person you meet, you are selling yourself and the image you are wanting to portray is you.  Your clothes, your mannerisms, how you deal with people in daily interactions.  Whether trying to get a date for New Years to bring in 2013, or a new job, or funding for your ministry, you are selling a product.  That product is YOU!


Being effective in sales will help you in any endeavor you have.  Now with Six Pack Sales Abs you can enhance your relationships and develop the  skills that will help you become more effective in whatever message you are trying to sell.


Six things

Relationships, Communication, Attitude, Discipline, Commitment, Courage.


Relationships.  Sales is more than anything else about building relationships.  Do you want one night stands, or a diamond ring and commitment?  How do you do that?  You find a way to build trust.  How do you do that?  Think about the qualities of the people you have the closest and deepest relationships with.  Ask yourself, what is it about them that I like?  You can probably say you know, like, and trust them.  Why?  When did you determine you knew them?  How did you know you trust them?  More than likely you have spent carefree, stress free, transaction free time.  Sale is no difference.  Don’t meet people expecting a sale.  Meet them without a transaction mindset, but a relationship mindset.


Communication.  Communication is like an old radio station, prior to electronic dials.  You have to tune to another person just right.  You have to find a harmony in the ebb and flow of communication.  This requires 3 things.  Question, Listen, Verify.  


Ask the other person, your prospective client, spouse, ministry sponsor, or child open ended questions.  This allows of them to share what they feel is relevant.  For example; instead of asking;  “would you like to improve your finances?”  Ask “How has your life been impacted by your finances?”  “Would you like to improve sales?” to “When was the last time you exceeded your sales quota?”  Open ended questions are Who What When Where How Why.  Stick to these questions to Survey Problems and Interpret Needs.  


Listening isn’t just with your ears either.  It is not what you do when you are looking at a cell phone screen or computer monitor and nodding your head while doing five other things.  It is a process that requires your whole body being present and accounted for.  How do you position yourself when talking?  Where do you place your hands?  What are your eyes doing?  When did you notice their body position?  How are they sitting in relation to how your feeling?  Leaning forward, looking into one another’s eyes.  Not slouching back in your chair with your arms over the chair in a bored expression.


Verify;  So what you are saying is I should ask a question and actively listen to the response the other party has given, and then confirm that I heard what was said?  Yes, that is correct.  That’s your verify example enjoy it 😉


Once all these things have taken place, you have reached the point of communication


Attitude.  Have a positive and enthusiastic one.  Listen to music, talks, self promotional commercials and anything else it takes to maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward whatever it is you are undertaking.  One of the most overlooked statements in the world is one that encourages people to change their thinking.  Anyone who says mental attitude, belief, optimism, aren’t important isn’t accomplishing everything they are capable of.  If you aren’t moving mountains, then you are lacking in faith.  Hard as that is to hear, both science and religion have proven that with faith anything is possible.


Discipline  You can’t get six pack abs, or sick pack sales abs without it.  Six pack abs take discipline.  You can’t eat twinkies but you can outstretch your pants with food.  Waste lines are built in the kitchen.  While what goes into you isn’t near as important as what comes out of you, it can impact your physical body.  Situps, crunches and intentional eating habits gets you six pack abs.  Seeing clients netWORKING, 15 plans a month!  Playing the numbers, seeing the people, getting face time, working the crowd, pressing the flesh, putting in your dues.  All of this is necessary to see results.  Discipline to get out and say hi to new people.


Commitment.  Mean what you say, and say what you mean.  If you can’t trust yourself, you can’t build relationships that are built on trust.  If you set your alarm for 6:00 and don’t get up at 6:00 then how can other people expect to trust you?  You know you can’t trust yourself to even get up when you say you will.  When you say something mean it, and do what you said you would do.  Whether it is making 10 cold calls a day, or attending every networking event in a year, do what you know you need to do and have determined is going to get you the results you want.


Courage  Take the step and don’t be afraid of NO.  Getting out there and working toward a six pack sales ab is scary.  No-one likes hearing NO.  Just remember that most professional sports stars miss a lot more than they hit.  Whether it is in batting, or scoring touchdowns, or getting a yes to a date, you are going to miss more than you hit.  When you hit celebrate.  Going out there and facing the no’s takes courage.  So be courageous and do the right things.  With a positive enthusiastic attitude, discipline, commitment, you can communicate and build relationships that last a lifetime.



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In 2013 get your business of self into Six Pack shape, with six pack sales abs.



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