How I survived the Mayan end of the world. Part1

English: Mayan zero Français : zéro maya Españ...

English: Mayan zero Français : zéro maya Español: Cero Maya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How I survived the December 2012 apocolypse mayan predicted.

Where the heck is my video android?

What I love is when I rely on technology to work and it doesn’t and I miss a deadline for posting a new article and look like a schmuck!

It is a new day.  The end, the shift, the great cosmic nothing happened yesterday.  One big huge letdown just like every other disaster crisis that builds up just to lead to more of the same old crap.

In order to feed clothe, shelter, provide water, and educate the entire planet one must first be able to do so for himself/herself.  I have yet to do that.  Yet to live without a need for money.  So how can I expect to create a world that doesn’t need it?

It was my hope that a catastrophe would happen, and that would justify studying leadership, and community development.  It would cause us to re-evaluate how we were doing everything.  Now, nothing, just another day like any other day.

Sigh.  What a let down.  Not much of an adventure now.

Imagination was giving me a great picture of life.  Imagine living in woods that may actually have tigers in it.  I know Branson MO holds lots of wild animals that if a catastrophe struck would loose them into the wilds of Missouri.  Creating for a pretty unique habitat.  Imagine, being in the wilds of Missouri, say in Mark Twain National park and you run across Elephants.  Or down in Ark, near Cabot and Conway where Flora the elephant is housed.  Great circus, tragic story of how we are destroying ourselves.  Our creation habitat.

Instead I go back to a life where money exists and is needed for everything, but based upon nothing.  Knowing that the money we kill ourselves to gather is not worth anything but paper in a true survival situation.  Even today it is only worth something because our government says it is.  Not worth Gold of any amount, not backed by anything but the future labor of the US citizen.

Hrumph, not even the US citizen but the world citizen.  (one of the students thinks).

Students in a University designed to truly solve our greatest problems.  A worldwide forum for solving the security problem.  It is a fear of security that creates the chaos.  Fear of a lacking of some resource.  We do not possess a resource abundance problem, we have a resource utilization problem.

We do not lack adequate housing, we lack adequate means of providing access to housing.  We lack vision in as a collective taking possession of public property for the benefit of man.  In a world where men and women cannot simply lay claim to an underutilized piece of land and utilize it without first exchanging a worthless digital credit how can we ever get anything accomplished?

I’m not in support of stealing property from one to give to another.  What do we do with broken and abandoned buildings and neighborhoods, and small communities?  Strip malls that lay barren, and condemned?  Buildings that cost more to repair enough to be legally utilizable, than one could make in a lifetime, but government can create with the push of a button?  What do we do with those things?

Todays world is about teams, and communities.  It’s a bit of a challenge for the guy who wants to simply live.  Let me walk into the wild places, and put my hand in Gods hands.  Experience that for the sake of experiencing it.

Then what?  We learned lessons.  We failed forward.  We learned things about ourselves, and our limits.  We pushed ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Gained confidence, tested limits, pushed boundaries.  Found new allies.  Saw new perspectives.  Gained new insights.  Future is going to be amazing!  That is the intention.  You are now free to do it all!


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