Winding down 2012

Best of 2012, after an 1895 Engraving

Best of 2012, after an 1895 Engraving (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

Winding down 2012

WOW What a year!  Did you have a great year?  In the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp the quest for excellence it has been an amazing year.  Today lets talk about reviewing where you’ve been to determine where you want to go.  To do this we are going to discuss accomplishments achieved.  Accomplishments missed.  Where do we go from here leading into planning the next year.

Why do we review?  At Supertramp Coaching we know that in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and become our ultimate self.  If we don’t know where we’ve been or how we’ve done how can we know where we are or where we want to be?

My own personal adventures have taken me to another country to experience being an immigrant, to help me gain perspective of life, and expand my perspective of potential.  We began the year debt free, excited, and hopeful of our future.  LIFE was our business.  Excellence was our purpose and mission.  Upon family sickness we returned to the states and chose to settle in Missouri. I took a job then quit it because of books and influence of others who encouraged me to never give up on my dreams for entrepreneurial success.  Knowing I was not being true to myself or the potential employer.  Though I’m afraid I may have damaged a friendship in the process.  In 2012 we planted 4 gardens and harvested from 1 of them leaving the rest for others.  This was a great year for service work for others.  It was a year of growth in my faith, family, fitness, following, freedom, friends, and fun.  A well rounded year over all.

Upon further investigation of my purpose and ambitions and with greater understanding of the pay plan of LIFE it was decided to pursue coaching directly as we had been doing prior to finding LIFE.  Our investment is well worth it, and the information gained is invaluable and we continue to learn and gain wisdom from the great teachings of the LIFE organization.

From a cost perspective a one time investment will gain me a lifetime of certification in the John Maxwell Team, moving me from involvement with the number six and eleven leadership gurus Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady to being affiliated with the number 1 leadership guru.  Not that one should depend on a guru for their success and each guru has flaws.  However; learning and growth is the key and opportunities for my family.

We end the year disappointed in the Mayans, but joyful for the opportunity to serve at CEF.  There was no great cataclysm and not much of a shift it seems.  Though as always through the process of recreating yourself constantly it has caused a shift in our home and life.

It is a challenge to know what the right thing to do is.  I know, so examining where you were and how you felt are key components.  So knowing where we’ve been where are we now?  Where did we fail to accomplish?

Personally I have not been patient at all times in all things.  There has been a failure to increase my income.  I have not been focused on one area to improve this one thing.  I failed to secure a place in Costa Rica for me and my family.  We failed to buy land, develop a University and a myriad of daily failures.  The key to these is the lessons learned.  Not looking at failure with a negative connotation, but with the lens of lessons learned being a positive thing.

One of the keys in my life is understanding that time is not a static thing.  There is more than just today.  Potentially there are hundreds of todays in life.  Making the most out of as many days as possible is the goal.  At least in my quest for excellence it is.

It is in the review process that maintaining journals, scoreboards, and clearly defined goals will create a realistic view of the past aiding you in truly knowing where to go in the future.

While I did much better in this area in 2012 than at any other time in my life it is still an area for improvement.  We end the year with new medical debt and some business debt as well.  Not the progress I wanted to see in our finances.  Our health is doing very good, physically I’m stronger than I think I’ve ever been through focused utilization of energy, so I would like to continue on the path I’m currently on for a consistent year, though finding a routine place to walk would be nice.  Clarity of what to pursue.  It seems that the question of a simple life vs an ambitious one is conflicting in my head and heart.  The bible teaches to be a simple man, but to work hard.  To prepare for the future by taking care of your herds.

Is it better for a man to work for money or for his food every day?

What are your accomplishments of 2012?  Review your Facebook profile perhaps and see all the things you posted about or commented about, or perhaps the things you said.  How much time did you spend on it?  Where did you underperform or fail?  What lessons did you learn?  Where do you want to go from here?  It is my sincere hope that by sharing some of my personal Adventures that it will be an example of potential for you.  Make big plans for 2013, make them realistic, but make big hairy audacious goals and let God help you find them.


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