Determination, Word of the Week

English: Percent of Youth 4-17 ever diagnosed ...

English: Percent of Youth 4-17 ever diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: National Survey of Children’s Health, 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Determination, Word of the Week

Word of the week this week is DETERMINATION!

Determination; it is what drives the successful in life.  It is what has me here at 2am blogging about it, because I have a determination to accomplish.  I determined that in my homeschool plan we would eventually create an income that came in residually, but got me off of disability.

Here is an example of young Determination as little man crashes his dirt bike.

This is what drives me.  That little man, who has determined to become the worlds fastest dirt-bike rider.  How do we develop a homeschool curriculum around that dream?  Easy, as the determination video shows, just have discussions about the dreams.  Get outer-space big with them too.

Did you know God made a determination about you?  He knew the hairs on your head before they were counted and he made a determination that you had a purpose, and by fulfilling that purpose you could bring Him honor and Glory.  We have made a family determination to read the catechism, and memorize it.  What determinations have you made with your family?

Where are you going?  What have you determined is your families destiny?Where is your determination coming from?  What is the why that is driving your determination to win in life?

Maybe you’ve been trying to homeschool but you can’t afford the curriculum this year, or maybe you are just tired of telling your kids no every time they want to do something fun, or go somewhere exciting!  Wouldn’t you like to make a change?

Change starts with making a determination to do so.  Deciding, making it final, a judicial decision making it final, or as the urban dictionary has it; Determination is simply not giving up. No matter how hard things get, or how badly you want to just give up, you keep on going.

What does your determination have to push through?  Does it have to push through physical pain?  Does it have to push through ADD or ADHD?  Does it have to push through your excuses to ensure your toddler boys are getting man training!  Does it require you to push through and do something you’ve never done before?  What are you waiting for?  DO IT!

Many times when new parents are trying to make the determination whether or not to homeschool their son, they ponder a lot of things.  Are we as parents qualified to teach our children?

They ask questions like, what do I do about algebra, I didn’t understand it when I was in school.  Or, do I need a degree to homeschool my toddler?  What about my teenager?

The answer is no!  If a homeless man can learn to blog and become a millionaire, then you can find resources to teach your son.  The determining factors on the health, and success of your child are his attitude, his inner circle, which should be his parents until he’s about 10, and their self image.  Nothing makes a determination for a man’s success more than how much time his father spends with him!

If you are convicted as a father to do more for your son, and your looking for a new direction, one that will allow you to homeschool in a radically new way.  Where you can visit historical places in person instead of just in books.  You can take your kids on vacation, you can be there when they experience their first breakup.  If this sounds like the father you want to be then you need to meet the leaders who can help you make a new determination!


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