Quest For Excellence Begins!

February 11th 2012

Tonight Begins the

Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp V2.0

The Quest For Excellence

In the first of the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp “I’ve Got Heart”  we began with a dream.  A dream of writing a book that would change the world.  The things done to make it a reality and to become self published build necessary websites etc. all a part of the plan and do process.

Version 2.0 is the Check and Adjust Process, plus the new plans and the doe’s.

Up goes the stakes, up goes the bar on becoming your Ultimate Self.

Conrad decides things must begin to pursue a higher level of excellence.  The intention of the first series is intentionally un-excellent.  A simple beginning to test a theory on a shoestring budget.

Now armed with Greater information and the dawning of his purpose the Purpose Filled Life can begin.  The links will be easier.  The books and people to edify will be easier to find.  The results will be bigger and the dreams will be wilder.  Will he get the holoslide into applicable development.  What becomes of the UOF?  Supertramp Consulting  et al with the establishment of LIFE?

How much more can a genetically “inferior” person accomplish with Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Following and Fun and an unbeatable training system do?  I don’t know about you Superfans but I’m willing to bet it is a LOT!

Enjoy the continuation of the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp in THE SEARCH FOR QUALITY.  Or Life with the Upgrade??


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