Adventures in St Louis.

Beginning my time.

Sitting in STL working

All smiles from our latest adventure in St Louis

I put on my uniform, blue hemp suit.  White Hemp Shirt red hemp tie.  Black hemp shoes and socks.  Hemp suspenders and black hemp hat.

Never-mind that what is on me today doesn’t match I’m living in the future.  Living in a dream.  I am Conrad Von Supertramp and LIFE is TREMENDOUS!  Because not only can I access the past but I can pre-write the future.  Through the proper care and feeding of my Elephant, or subconscious mind.

In the future I am a member of the Army of Light.  I was sent here before the great shift of 2012 to document the changes that revolutionized our culture for a brighter tomorrow.

I walk out the door of a family apartment.  Living with my brother-in-laws family.  Four adults and 2 children.  My little man and his baby man.  It was blessedly large.  Each family had one entire room to themselves, and a large kitchen to enjoy family meals together.  I was heading out to build a brighter future for mankind.  Armed with my loving wife we looked for examples of planted seeds to harvest.

My wonderful mother-in-law watched the children for us so we could go out together husband and wife looking for opportunity in this new world.  We live in America now.  We came from far across the ocean on a ship called Times Flyer.  We had purchased passage into this new world this world of Freedom.  We found passage on a moving carriage to St Louis.  On our way to building a brighter future for our families.

The day began like this and lead to the discovery of a unique business that makes all kinds of items from recycled paper.  and the opportunity to create a dream,  a fun night with family, my house built, Carol thrilled and excited about a Geodesic community for LIFE.  Bringing new found opportunity into the entire deaf community.  The growth and building of a cleaning business that brightens people on the inside while serving as cleaners of the exterior too.  This is only one day of adventure we are experiencing here.

We walked out to the sun shining and the grass greening as spring began to make its appearance upon the landscape.  There were many numerous beautiful species of dog unlike I had ever seen before.  Everyday I’m amazed at the little things around us.  We have five neighbors in our own apartment building and we all share and work together to make life easier on one another.  The neighbor downstairs makes great homemade hemp bread.  Our neighbor next door grows some wonderful herbs that enhance our Life.

We headed to Webster Groves to examine the shop that two of our brothers worked for.  They had landed themselves into a cutting edge company to try and meet the owner of Everything Sam.  This amazing woman Samantha Miller, is a model green entrepreneur and inspiring sounding lady.  So we were eager for the opportunity to meet her.  Though we didn’t get the chance to we were amazed at her operations and truly intrigued.  It would be such a pleasure to meet her and be able to get a glimpse into her world to share her story of success.  So off through the internet I connect to glean a glimpse of the potential with this Lady.

Her virtual world is highly attractive.  The information pages really catch my eye.  First thing I head to find out about her.  A St Louis native she is.  For 10 years promoting recycled material products.  Wow could I learn a lot from her.  I’m devastated that we didn’t get the opportunity to meet in person as I would have liked but her virtual space provides me a great glimpse into her mission.

Having been paid to get my photo taken as well I enjoy seeing her promoting her models. via virtual head-shots.  It’s amazing to learn she can make bags purses wallets computer covers pillows and more all from old newspapers, magazines, candy wrappers and more.

She also provides do-it-yourself classes and teaches through the University of Freedom.  What a world.  Here is a perfect example of utilizing the world of endless opportunity.

From there we headed to shop for our very own carriage.  We meet two kind gentleman who patiently allow us to examine each carriage though we had no intention of making a purchase that day.  We were simply building our future carriage.  They had numerous styles and types and we just soaked in all the possibilities that we would be able to buy in this new world where every opportunity to succeed was freely available.  Nothing could stop someone with ambition and vision in this country.

Staci commented on my hat so I shared with him where he could get one.  He helped us understand the carriage purchasing industry from a couple different perspectives.  He marketed and distributed carriages that no longer fit the needs of the previous owner.  What a great place everything could be reutilized and sold for others.  He shared how they derived their profit and how his operation differed from new carriage dealers.

Andy was our personal shopping assistant able to provide all the information about the carriages, down to even how many miles had been travelled in them as they carried people across the world.

I looked forward to inviting them to meet with our community of carriage buyers.

We then went and copied pictures of our past to share with family treasured memories captured as moments in time.  I looked forward to having all my pictures up around me.  This made me think of things I could get created by Sam.  Curtains, and clothes made of pictures from your LIFE.

We then went back to our temporary apartment home.  Someday I was going to build my own home.  Live my life in a tropical environment surrounded by God’s greatness.  We enjoyed some family time and I studied my saviors history.  Then took a siesta with my little man after playing.  Preparing to head off to visit our other brother who we hadn’t seen in so many months.

Flag of the city of St. Louis, Missouri. SVG I...

City of St Louis

Success in St Louis Part 2 to be available shortly!


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