Can we have a #mobilechat?
Do you ever hear those questions are hard? #Igetthatalot
Have you ever seen The Hunger Games?
Did you know I was asking questions around popular twitter topics trending right now?
Why are Justin Timberlake and Sandra Bullock trending?
What does that say about our world?
Asking questions that lead to #PowerfulAnswers don’t trend, but celebrities do, why is that?
Don’t enough people care anymore?
What about the real problems of poverty?
We know that is what causes drugs, crime, etc. so how could we end it?

Home School Plans

What if a person gave a speech on the Socratic Method?


Would they have to do the whole thing in the form of a question?


Could one give a speech in the Socratic Method?


What questions would he/she ask?


Would they get any answers?


Should they?


What if they asked questions that required #PowerfulAnswers like, What do you believe in?


Or perhaps, what defines a house?


What would they do about a topic, body and conclusion?


It is extremely challenging to get a #educoach who can help you in todays world isn’t it?


Who last really made you think?


Did you know Henry Ford said, the hardest job in the world is thinking, that’s why so few do it?


Don’t you think that is an amazing quote?


Have you ever wondered what other successful and famous people…

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Winding down 2012

Best of 2012, after an 1895 Engraving

Best of 2012, after an 1895 Engraving (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

Winding down 2012

WOW What a year!  Did you have a great year?  In the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp the quest for excellence it has been an amazing year.  Today lets talk about reviewing where you’ve been to determine where you want to go.  To do this we are going to discuss accomplishments achieved.  Accomplishments missed.  Where do we go from here leading into planning the next year.

Why do we review?  At Supertramp Coaching we know that in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and become our ultimate self.  If we don’t know where we’ve been or how we’ve done how can we know where we are or where we want to be?

My own personal adventures have taken me to another country to experience being an immigrant, to help me gain perspective of life, and expand my perspective of potential.  We began the year debt free, excited, and hopeful of our future.  LIFE was our business.  Excellence was our purpose and mission.  Upon family sickness we returned to the states and chose to settle in Missouri. I took a job then quit it because of books and influence of others who encouraged me to never give up on my dreams for entrepreneurial success.  Knowing I was not being true to myself or the potential employer.  Though I’m afraid I may have damaged a friendship in the process.  In 2012 we planted 4 gardens and harvested from 1 of them leaving the rest for others.  This was a great year for service work for others.  It was a year of growth in my faith, family, fitness, following, freedom, friends, and fun.  A well rounded year over all.

Upon further investigation of my purpose and ambitions and with greater understanding of the pay plan of LIFE it was decided to pursue coaching directly as we had been doing prior to finding LIFE.  Our investment is well worth it, and the information gained is invaluable and we continue to learn and gain wisdom from the great teachings of the LIFE organization.

From a cost perspective a one time investment will gain me a lifetime of certification in the John Maxwell Team, moving me from involvement with the number six and eleven leadership gurus Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady to being affiliated with the number 1 leadership guru.  Not that one should depend on a guru for their success and each guru has flaws.  However; learning and growth is the key and opportunities for my family.

We end the year disappointed in the Mayans, but joyful for the opportunity to serve at CEF.  There was no great cataclysm and not much of a shift it seems.  Though as always through the process of recreating yourself constantly it has caused a shift in our home and life.

It is a challenge to know what the right thing to do is.  I know, so examining where you were and how you felt are key components.  So knowing where we’ve been where are we now?  Where did we fail to accomplish?

Personally I have not been patient at all times in all things.  There has been a failure to increase my income.  I have not been focused on one area to improve this one thing.  I failed to secure a place in Costa Rica for me and my family.  We failed to buy land, develop a University and a myriad of daily failures.  The key to these is the lessons learned.  Not looking at failure with a negative connotation, but with the lens of lessons learned being a positive thing.

One of the keys in my life is understanding that time is not a static thing.  There is more than just today.  Potentially there are hundreds of todays in life.  Making the most out of as many days as possible is the goal.  At least in my quest for excellence it is.

It is in the review process that maintaining journals, scoreboards, and clearly defined goals will create a realistic view of the past aiding you in truly knowing where to go in the future.

While I did much better in this area in 2012 than at any other time in my life it is still an area for improvement.  We end the year with new medical debt and some business debt as well.  Not the progress I wanted to see in our finances.  Our health is doing very good, physically I’m stronger than I think I’ve ever been through focused utilization of energy, so I would like to continue on the path I’m currently on for a consistent year, though finding a routine place to walk would be nice.  Clarity of what to pursue.  It seems that the question of a simple life vs an ambitious one is conflicting in my head and heart.  The bible teaches to be a simple man, but to work hard.  To prepare for the future by taking care of your herds.

Is it better for a man to work for money or for his food every day?

What are your accomplishments of 2012?  Review your Facebook profile perhaps and see all the things you posted about or commented about, or perhaps the things you said.  How much time did you spend on it?  Where did you underperform or fail?  What lessons did you learn?  Where do you want to go from here?  It is my sincere hope that by sharing some of my personal Adventures that it will be an example of potential for you.  Make big plans for 2013, make them realistic, but make big hairy audacious goals and let God help you find them.

How I survived the Mayan end of the world. Part1

English: Mayan zero Français : zéro maya Españ...

English: Mayan zero Français : zéro maya Español: Cero Maya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How I survived the December 2012 apocolypse mayan predicted.

Where the heck is my video android?

What I love is when I rely on technology to work and it doesn’t and I miss a deadline for posting a new article and look like a schmuck!

It is a new day.  The end, the shift, the great cosmic nothing happened yesterday.  One big huge letdown just like every other disaster crisis that builds up just to lead to more of the same old crap.

In order to feed clothe, shelter, provide water, and educate the entire planet one must first be able to do so for himself/herself.  I have yet to do that.  Yet to live without a need for money.  So how can I expect to create a world that doesn’t need it?

It was my hope that a catastrophe would happen, and that would justify studying leadership, and community development.  It would cause us to re-evaluate how we were doing everything.  Now, nothing, just another day like any other day.

Sigh.  What a let down.  Not much of an adventure now.

Imagination was giving me a great picture of life.  Imagine living in woods that may actually have tigers in it.  I know Branson MO holds lots of wild animals that if a catastrophe struck would loose them into the wilds of Missouri.  Creating for a pretty unique habitat.  Imagine, being in the wilds of Missouri, say in Mark Twain National park and you run across Elephants.  Or down in Ark, near Cabot and Conway where Flora the elephant is housed.  Great circus, tragic story of how we are destroying ourselves.  Our creation habitat.

Instead I go back to a life where money exists and is needed for everything, but based upon nothing.  Knowing that the money we kill ourselves to gather is not worth anything but paper in a true survival situation.  Even today it is only worth something because our government says it is.  Not worth Gold of any amount, not backed by anything but the future labor of the US citizen.

Hrumph, not even the US citizen but the world citizen.  (one of the students thinks).

Students in a University designed to truly solve our greatest problems.  A worldwide forum for solving the security problem.  It is a fear of security that creates the chaos.  Fear of a lacking of some resource.  We do not possess a resource abundance problem, we have a resource utilization problem.

We do not lack adequate housing, we lack adequate means of providing access to housing.  We lack vision in as a collective taking possession of public property for the benefit of man.  In a world where men and women cannot simply lay claim to an underutilized piece of land and utilize it without first exchanging a worthless digital credit how can we ever get anything accomplished?

I’m not in support of stealing property from one to give to another.  What do we do with broken and abandoned buildings and neighborhoods, and small communities?  Strip malls that lay barren, and condemned?  Buildings that cost more to repair enough to be legally utilizable, than one could make in a lifetime, but government can create with the push of a button?  What do we do with those things?

Todays world is about teams, and communities.  It’s a bit of a challenge for the guy who wants to simply live.  Let me walk into the wild places, and put my hand in Gods hands.  Experience that for the sake of experiencing it.

Then what?  We learned lessons.  We failed forward.  We learned things about ourselves, and our limits.  We pushed ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Gained confidence, tested limits, pushed boundaries.  Found new allies.  Saw new perspectives.  Gained new insights.  Future is going to be amazing!  That is the intention.  You are now free to do it all!

Imagination is more important than fact!

We are rapidly approaching the 2012 date so discussed and worried about over the last few years.  We will take a quick trip around reviewing fear in our life and what it can do.  After writing about that I’d like to write about the Holiday season, and what reason people are celebrating if it is not for the birth of Christ?

To begin; I spent time preparing, worrying, thinking about, pondering, pontificating, concerned over, searching for answers, and just all around fearful about the upcoming 12/12/2012.  End of the Mayan long count calendar, Hopi, Chinese and supposed other end of times predictions.  Cataclysmic planetary pole shifts, astrological wonders that would shake and remake the world.  Shifts in our consciousness, jumps in evolution, a rainbow bridge into a more peaceful future.Image

There are, were a lot of things to consider about this latest and upcoming scare fest.  Much of the conclusions that personally we in our family came to is that really there is nothing to be afraid of.  Change, though scary, is inevitable and in this faster moving society is absolutely essential.  In fact the future belongs to those who can quickly adapt.  It was this reality that prompted my decision to be a supertramp.  An ecological entity able to quickly and easily adapt to numerous and various surroundings.  Born out of much of the ecological changes I saw, iike the proliferation of the kudzu vine, eating the woods of MO and AR.  The asian carp taking over the US waterways.  A bacteria that is suffocating and taking over the waterways of LA and TX.  All these super plants and super bugs, and super fish that just take over an ecosystem.  That adapt to many environments and do so easily.  Though we did not propagate the species with many children of our own, we can help transform others into Supertramps.  As a human supertramp you have the power to adapt by decision making and self evolution for lack of a better term.

Though emergency preparedness is important it should not become all consuming.  While it is a great idea, the bible actually teaches that in the real end of times, there is nothing you can do.  When he calls you, you just go, don’t get your coat, don’t go back to bury your dead.  You GO!  When the spirit moves you.

How about you?  Do you live in fear?  Consumed with what is going to happen?  Uncertain about your future?  This is where two things come into importance.  1. your faith and belief of what happens after you die.  My security lies in the fact that Jesus was born and crucified for our sins.  Allowing me, through his grace to enter heaven because he intercedes on my behalf.  2.  Personal worth.  Knowledge and security in my own personal worth, knowing that even in a crisis my thoughts, my mental toughness, my physical and emotional preparedness as well as my generalized knowledge and willingness to find solutions will be invaluable no matter the age or circumstance.  Skills that anybody can develop.

Let us imagine for a moment we are together.  Everything we have known about the world has changed.  It is Zombie Land.  Or post apocalyptic world gone mad.  What might that look like?  Who would be in it?  Where would you go?  How would you travel?  Thus begins the process of finding solutions for our current life.  Survival requires discipline.  Survival will require optimism and hope for the future.  Survival will require a solutions mindset.  Survival will require tenacity.  Guesswhat, those are the same skills required to be successful as an entrepreneur, as a leader, as a professional in any arena.

Looking back personally the fear was no good.  However; the preparation, the conditioning the solutions thinking, the personal growth and community building experience, all were invaluable.  We set out because what if there was a 2013.  The world looked much different for victims of Sandy.  It looks different for those struck by Tornado, flood, fire, famine, disease, or any other problem that attacks us in life.  Being willing and capable to adapt to that, because you have conditioned yourself to change is priceless.  It will be just another day of change.  You will process it, catalog it as a life event, learn from it, and continue toward your purpose and vision for your life.  Move on toward who you want to be.  Whether it is death and destruction you are worried about, or your competitor coming out with a game changing bit of technology, or someone in your field who can adapt faster beating you at a game you used to know the rules to by doing things that change the rules.

In celebration of the world not ending, Supertramp Coaching will be giving away 100 hours of imagination development.  Is Imagination therapy better?  If it is called therapy does one need to be a doctor?  Coaching, consulting, whatever you call it the process is the same.  Where have you been, where are younow, how do you feel about that, where do you want to go, when do you want to be there, how are you doing to do it, WHY are you doing it?

“Imagination is more important than fact.”  Albert Einstein.  Surviving the apocalypse, or just making it through a day in the 21st century.

What are you doing to develop your imagination?  Do you play games with your life?  How do you utilize your creative juices?


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Six Pack Sales Abs

How to get Six Pack Sales Abs


Selling is not manipulation.  It is not the slick backed guy with the cheesy smile and quick hustle.  It is an honorable position.  And ALL OF US are in the business of Sales.  All of us are in the business of self.


You sell yourself every day, to every person you meet.  Every person you meet, you are selling yourself and the image you are wanting to portray is you.  Your clothes, your mannerisms, how you deal with people in daily interactions.  Whether trying to get a date for New Years to bring in 2013, or a new job, or funding for your ministry, you are selling a product.  That product is YOU!


Being effective in sales will help you in any endeavor you have.  Now with Six Pack Sales Abs you can enhance your relationships and develop the  skills that will help you become more effective in whatever message you are trying to sell.


Six things

Relationships, Communication, Attitude, Discipline, Commitment, Courage.


Relationships.  Sales is more than anything else about building relationships.  Do you want one night stands, or a diamond ring and commitment?  How do you do that?  You find a way to build trust.  How do you do that?  Think about the qualities of the people you have the closest and deepest relationships with.  Ask yourself, what is it about them that I like?  You can probably say you know, like, and trust them.  Why?  When did you determine you knew them?  How did you know you trust them?  More than likely you have spent carefree, stress free, transaction free time.  Sale is no difference.  Don’t meet people expecting a sale.  Meet them without a transaction mindset, but a relationship mindset.


Communication.  Communication is like an old radio station, prior to electronic dials.  You have to tune to another person just right.  You have to find a harmony in the ebb and flow of communication.  This requires 3 things.  Question, Listen, Verify.  


Ask the other person, your prospective client, spouse, ministry sponsor, or child open ended questions.  This allows of them to share what they feel is relevant.  For example; instead of asking;  “would you like to improve your finances?”  Ask “How has your life been impacted by your finances?”  “Would you like to improve sales?” to “When was the last time you exceeded your sales quota?”  Open ended questions are Who What When Where How Why.  Stick to these questions to Survey Problems and Interpret Needs.  


Listening isn’t just with your ears either.  It is not what you do when you are looking at a cell phone screen or computer monitor and nodding your head while doing five other things.  It is a process that requires your whole body being present and accounted for.  How do you position yourself when talking?  Where do you place your hands?  What are your eyes doing?  When did you notice their body position?  How are they sitting in relation to how your feeling?  Leaning forward, looking into one another’s eyes.  Not slouching back in your chair with your arms over the chair in a bored expression.


Verify;  So what you are saying is I should ask a question and actively listen to the response the other party has given, and then confirm that I heard what was said?  Yes, that is correct.  That’s your verify example enjoy it 😉


Once all these things have taken place, you have reached the point of communication


Attitude.  Have a positive and enthusiastic one.  Listen to music, talks, self promotional commercials and anything else it takes to maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward whatever it is you are undertaking.  One of the most overlooked statements in the world is one that encourages people to change their thinking.  Anyone who says mental attitude, belief, optimism, aren’t important isn’t accomplishing everything they are capable of.  If you aren’t moving mountains, then you are lacking in faith.  Hard as that is to hear, both science and religion have proven that with faith anything is possible.


Discipline  You can’t get six pack abs, or sick pack sales abs without it.  Six pack abs take discipline.  You can’t eat twinkies but you can outstretch your pants with food.  Waste lines are built in the kitchen.  While what goes into you isn’t near as important as what comes out of you, it can impact your physical body.  Situps, crunches and intentional eating habits gets you six pack abs.  Seeing clients netWORKING, 15 plans a month!  Playing the numbers, seeing the people, getting face time, working the crowd, pressing the flesh, putting in your dues.  All of this is necessary to see results.  Discipline to get out and say hi to new people.


Commitment.  Mean what you say, and say what you mean.  If you can’t trust yourself, you can’t build relationships that are built on trust.  If you set your alarm for 6:00 and don’t get up at 6:00 then how can other people expect to trust you?  You know you can’t trust yourself to even get up when you say you will.  When you say something mean it, and do what you said you would do.  Whether it is making 10 cold calls a day, or attending every networking event in a year, do what you know you need to do and have determined is going to get you the results you want.


Courage  Take the step and don’t be afraid of NO.  Getting out there and working toward a six pack sales ab is scary.  No-one likes hearing NO.  Just remember that most professional sports stars miss a lot more than they hit.  Whether it is in batting, or scoring touchdowns, or getting a yes to a date, you are going to miss more than you hit.  When you hit celebrate.  Going out there and facing the no’s takes courage.  So be courageous and do the right things.  With a positive enthusiastic attitude, discipline, commitment, you can communicate and build relationships that last a lifetime.



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In 2013 get your business of self into Six Pack shape, with six pack sales abs.


Today Matters; Success stories for kids

Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp V 2.0

Fred the horse wanted to be a great racehorse.  He dreamed of being the Grand Champion of horse racing.  One day he decided to talk to all the farm animals and find out how he could be a racehorse.

Mitsy the cat told Fred; “You’re to young to be a racehorse, your just a pony.” and went back to chasing mice.

“We aren’t a race farm.”  Laughed Juan the donkey.  “How would you ever get to race?  You’ll be a plow horse forever.”  and he went back to driving the mill press.

This went on all day.  Betsy the cow told him it took hard work and a lot of luck and that Fred wasn’t lucky.  Roger the rooster fell off his perch laughing; telling Fred he would never make it.

Fred was sad, noone could tell him how to become a champion racehorse.  Finally he decided to go…

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