Building the future; Mech suits and more

Cyborg (novel)

Cyborg (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adventures Of Conrad Von Supertramp

Quest For Excellence


Justin Conrad Von Supertramp Kurtz

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“Creation was condemned to lose its purpose.  Not of its own will, but because GOD willed it to be so.  yet that was the hope that creation itself would one day be set free from its slavery to decay and would share the glorious freedom of the children of GOD.”  Romans 8:18


Imagination.  It is such an amazing thing to play with.  Especially with the eyes of unlimited money. “So Little Man what kind of bionic suit do you want?”  Conrad asked “Um, a SpiderMan suit.”  Little Man Said. That is all it took to build Supertramp Industries into a company that created biomech suits.  Our long-term vision was to design and create methods to upgrade soldiers or others who sacrifice limbs for their fellow man. The financing method was done by applying the principles of wealth.  Maximizing my Finances and building a bigger income through LIFE it became possible to fund research through the Wounded Warrior project.  Able to analyze vitals of soldiers etc.  Creating a realistic health analysis like so many of our future soldier citizens are used to playing on XBox and other devices. Long term vision is to build a suit for colonizing the moon. New Gengrich is president.  He is funding ideas for the space race.  Conrad has been chosen to have his project funded.  He was found because he was already under government watch, when Gengrich won he needed something big to go with it.  A smart and ambitious agent turned the idea in to the right channels and suddenly Conrad found himself in front of the new President trying to explain his idea in five minutes. “What’s your idea son?” President Gengrich asked. “Well sir do you like stories?” Conrad asked “Depends.” Gengrich responded “On what?” Conrad asked The beginnings of the debate was on.  Here was a master debater in front of Conrad and he knew this was his chance to sail or crash.  This was the test of all his studying on becoming a man of the quality of our founding fathers.  This president had held three hour debates utterly annihilating Obama and the ideas of socialism, while highlighting the endless possibilities of what is out there for us to accomplish. After the discussion Conrad had his funding and access to the Department of Defence technology to build it all.  His first project was the We-Arm.  A bionic arm fully integrated with its host.  Which still required a recording device and several other machines.  Einstein said that a person who isn’t able to briefly explain something just didn’t understand it yet.  Luckily Conrad was able to bring the vision down to a manageable scale for the new President to see. Now it was time to test the suit.  Here was Conrad Von Supertramp about to basically become Iron Man.  A suit with a jet pack on it, fully integrated with his We-Phone 12.  The nanobots were controlled by voice activated commands.  Much better than the phones that Conrad started off owning.  His first cell phone almost got him expelled in high school.  Ah the old days. He road the space chopper across the landscape and wit the power of voice commands he could alter his space craft to become anything he wanted.  A water dirt bike.  With hovercraft technology and full lift capability.  A traditional looking motorcycle.  A space craft capable of withstanding high altitudes allowing for super fast travel around the world. The motors are built from nano-printers and available at any Supertramp Industries store.  Someday these suits would replace all unsustainable traveling methods.  The cool part is all the metal and technology needed to build any machine is housed in his backpack.  The “motor” of the machine.  His space chopper. Soldiers returning are given first priority for upgrades so that we can fully harness the capabilities of all people, even those with mental health issues, full gamut of spinal injuries.  All being healed by thinking about healing from a new perspective.  Melding technology and Christ together to make anything happen. One of his Ninja friends got a free early test suit and would become one of the best developers on his team.  He was in one part of the world she another, with quick updates to their Facebook and the occasional Skype call the two never saw each other but were responsible for the initial recording system. The technology came from ideas that had good basic concepts and potentials but just hadn’t taken off. “Remember, never stop investing in your brain.  It is the only investment that always returns.”  Conrad provides notes for his son.  Bits of information for the time when he is no longer able to communicate directly with him. “Focus on quality of life and peace of mind when you do get wealthy.”  Conrad continues his thoughts and ideas for not just little man but all men. Applying these principles to his business model has helped heal and provide upgrades for many who have sacrificed for others freedom.  The UOF was able to build a big enough community to get LIFE available to Tico’s and was able to meet people in charge of shipping and meeting all kinds of great entrepreneurs who helped bring the technology to fruition who worked for INTEL and other companies in the ares.  All expats that connected well within the Alpha Omega team. Conrad was to form the HEART if Team was to become the connection to get people to steer the planet toward G.O.D.  My family was set to start a TEAM in LIFE to build HEART.  Helping Everyone Achieve Round Table or up, by Having Enough Ambition to Reach the Top.  It is military and gov’t so you have to work with the acronyms. Conrad never thought he’d be working with the government.  He wasn’t working against anyone though which made it good.  He was working for the greater good of mankind.  His son would have the ability to become batman of the future.  A large amount of wealth generated from medical technology that makes a lot of money to fund a lot of cool toys for Conrad and my son to play with. The biomech-suit could grow in size, shapeshift in almost any possible application.  All that was required was a thought interface which should roll out soon with the WeeSuit version 5.  Amazing it was envisioned 7 iphones ago to be competition for the I-technology and create a WE company to battle for technological dominance. Doing the most amount of good as humanly possible. As Warriors in the Army of Light we cannot lose our purpose.  We must fight to bring people together with technology in a harmonious manner so as to avoid the negative potentials.  Transformers, IRobot, Terminator.  Technology had to be embraced and utilized to harvest the greatest amount of good for mankind.  To ensure the singularity was a positive event. Conrad’s influence on Gengrich would help remove hemp production laws in the states driving fuel down to the $2.50 mark to service hemp-fuel motors, which only required a small adapter piece that the sobs sold for $5,000 apiece.  They sold a lot of them though because it could make any car run on hemp fuel.  Classics, motorcycles whatever.  Another Supertramp designed product. Soon food, fuel, housing materials that didn’t rot all were being funneled through business started and funded by LIFE.  100,000 people in Costa Rica.  With God all things are possible.  No mountain cannot be climbed.  These thoughts led us to this future, which is actually now the present.  Time is still a funny thing. Conrad lands at the building sight of his latest version of Monticello.  He does some quick scans of the updated plans and has a meeting with some of the contractors who are helping him build his dream.  Men and women whose lives were enhanced through his technology to allow them to enjoy the trades they loved and dreamed of.  With no limitations based on age or physical ailment.  Allowing men to be productive until they die.  Some were limited at birth others through age.  All were now able to do more than they dreamed possible because of upgrades in technology. He had a dream building date with his family to get to, so he wanted to be brief.  Always find a way to get to the point faster.  More time and more tools equals more success possible.  He counted his success in days spent personally seeing to the upbringing of his Son.  Developing, building and co-creating the future for him, and the next 11 generations.  Little Man is version 1.0 of a new breed of man, in a new age, the information age.  Ideas move at the speed of thought, full integration would be complete soon.  Man would have all the technology he could ever want or need.  Limitless energy and unlimited opportunity. “Where are we going today ladies and gentleman?”  What are we going to do today to accomplish our vision of a brighter tomorrow?  Conrad asked his virtual team. “We are adding Karens addition on now sir.” Replied one of his crew “What obstacles do you need my perspective on to move forward?” asked Conrad. So begins his families day.  Each updating each other on their status from separate places on the planet, and will get together at consensus for lunch etc.  Dreaming of the future and what problems we can help solve. We are Supertramp Industries.  An open-source company with the determination to build large enough communities of people to fund the doing of an atomic bomb worth of good deeds. WAR Our family headed out to go on a future trip.  Discovering the future of technology and how they could apply it to their own dreams of being one of the first families to colonize the moon. “Creation was condemned to lose its purpose.  Not of its own will, but because GOD willed it to be so.  yet that was the hope that creation itself would one day be set free from its slavery to decay and would share the glorious freedom of the children of GOD” Father read one morning.  It was a special day.  A turning point day.  Mommy had decided to get on board the motorcycle.  Turning points were happening faster all the time. Father and I dreamed about our houses.  I told him I didn’t want an octagon room in my house.  All I could see was triangles.  We got our imagination moving then went out to discover the future together. We were on our way around the country visiting family, friends and loved ones of all shapes and sizes.  Father was stopping by his competitors store to get some ideas of what he could get to become prepared for being the policy council of the future.  With team-members across the world. His dreams were of what 1million could do.  He wanted to be one in a million that made policy council.  So he determined he wanted it done.  Dilemma.  Friends, or work?  Thought I didn’t have to make these decisions?  Seminar tomorrow.  He just wanted to do what was right to see our dreams come true.  To truly change the world. Still we don’t seem to have a good method of putting pictures into text documents for easy pic sharing especially for high number of pics. Father loads us up into the truck.  He got a good amount of work done in 45 minutes for a nice trial run today.  Got bible study in.  Stretching.  2 cd’s and 15plus minutes of dreaming.  We dreamed of nanobots.  WeBots.  WeBots are nano-bot clusters that run on calculometry-programing the address of the ago dingo, or determining consensus. Lady Buttercat – Oh wait no not those directions. I’m messing my cities up. Conrad- I can’t wait to start messing our countries up.  Can you imagine what it will be like to have houses in multiple countries? We are on a Pirate Discovery Adventure to see the future.  We want to go on a weekly adventure, and share it with the world.  Beautiful Pear trees are blooming all around.  Roland has Batman kind of money.  What could we do with Batman money and todays technology. We head to the apple store, and then on to the Discovery Museum.  Dream building and seeing what dreams are coming true. Don Burnham at the Apple store was super nice.  Very helpful.  Wanted to work for Apple.  A lifelong supporter of Apple, even in their dark days.  He wants to be a designer.  Perhaps the visions of what might come that was shared with him, would be what launched his dream.  By visiting the future in our minds and sharing what we see with others we can impact the world to come. We begin with WeArms and WeLegs.  Choosing the WePad style format as a stark opposition to the Self focused I products.  Our focus on providing medical enhancements to returning soldiers brought our economy great things. It still stars with that second team.  Father has his first team assembled and working steadily night and day on our behalf.  We are prepared and ready to go forward.  We know our leaders have been where we have not, have success where we have not.  Someday we will have that success and lead others to their purpose. We are all three in different locations coming to meet at a central point on a spaceship that is constantly spinning; like a planet, under laws of gravity what velocity would each person have to go in order to reach the destination at the same time? Blank Stares back at the man speaking. “We, the three, are in need of landing on the moon in three different locations and building life lines and survival tubes to achieve civilization.  Each of us must land in the right spot, not only according to ones own perspective, but the perspective of the other three people.  What is the velocity given their distinct locations on the planet to arrive at consensus somewhere on the planet?”  Father talks about the future and prepares a vision for us that is possible and likely.  Though at this time I little man am only three before much longer these dreams would be our reality. There was some other book we read about space flight and how great people skills is a must.  In order to work under the strenuous circumstances and pressures of space the individuals would have to each maintain the best outlooks as possible.  I don’t know what Nasa uses, but we chose the TEAM training system. That seemed like a cheesy commercial for burma shave.  LOL The joyful spirit at shooting commercials for Supertramp Industries space suits and astronaut training programs was soon to come.  Fathers ability to incite my imagination would be of great benefit for that future. “The family sings about WeBots can Do Anything WeBots, warriors for good.  Don’t forget WeBot shooter with nano motorcycles!” I chime in. Cut to image of Tron 2 motorcycle on kids toy.  Show filming studio and lights then actor walks out. Fade to black Opens on full size version of kids toy. Actor rides off into sunset Screen brings in text IMAGInATION InTo REALITY:  That’s what WEDo Conrad sits nervously across from the resolute desk inside the Oval Office.  Having laid out the plan before the most powerful man in the world he finishes with one final question. So can I welcome you on my team Mr President? Conrad smiling waiting for the person to either shake his hand, or throw him out.  The man sitting across from him was President Newt Gengrich.  Regardless of political likes or dislikes this man who was either going to shake his hand or turn him down wasn’t the last man on earth.  There were plenty more who could join his team.  What he wanted was a team of people with HEART.  The difference was this man had the ability to give Conrad access to the future he dreamed of. “Having Enough Ambition to Reach the Top.”  President Gengrich said. The president sat, hand on face in contemplation seen so often during the debates that brought him into the limelight of a new ere of presidents.  Those who are a part of LIFE and those who are not.  Those who sought excellence and those who did not.  He could open doors for development that Conrad never imagined until he asked himself.  How many dimensions of reality do you live in? I like it, consider me on your team.”  The President leaned forward and shook hands with the strange man in the floppy black hat. How does the motor work?  The President asked him. All this because he made friends with Alfred in Costa Rica.  Alfred would become Little Man’s caretaker like Batman had his Alfred.  Alfred started out as Conrads interpreter.  He needed a business interpreter and their relationship started like many of Conrads.  With him saying hi and asking questions. Have you ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki?  NO Hows your family? What do you do for fun? Is that a financially easy hobby or fun activity? How was the sermon on sunday? How are you feeling these days? You simply ask questions around the 8 F’s.  With a sincere and genuine desire to know more about the other person? Do you want to join my team? Those questions lead to Supertramp Consulting morphing into Supertramp Industries.  Products to kill your self and build a team. “WeBots.” Little man thought.   His father built his empire using a 4GB IPad 2 for almost a thousand dollars.  Now he was building the future with him by continuing his legacy. “Wish I could remember that book Virginia recommended.  Triangles and their challenges.  It was always nice to see the members of the Galactic Council.  Those elders in my life who provided wisdom and insight into our worldview.”  Little man worked in his lab developing his latest inventions inspired by the imagination of his father.  He recorded thoughts for the digital training class on noon engineering to provide an in-depth look at the inspirations behind his many inventions. “With some beginner thinking provided by fathers mentor when he couldn’t see the solution right before him we decided to stay in Arkansas and watch the seminar via the internet.  It was here that mother jumped on board the space chopper and began to dream.” “Having an industry that could be done anywhere in the world was and is our goal.  To build a University of Freedom that impacts worldwide change and opportunity for others to chase their dreams by following the path blazed by those who have gone before.  Most specifically those with health challenges who have been told to live a life of fear, yet are kept alive because of the fear of death.” “Fathers vision is what led us to this moment.  The launch of a cyborg into outer-space.  Starting with a dream everyone told him was impossible he built an empire that will leave a lasting legacy on the human race, and advance the dreams of thousands of people.” Little Man shared stories of his past and visions of the future, which is now his present with a group of shareholders and team-members who were helping him continue the vision first handed to him by his father who had since passed on.  Rather than be saddened by this event he continued to build his fathers company into an empire of open-source change for the betterment of humanity.


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