Adventures in Costa Rica

Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp

Quest For Excellence

March 14th 2012

We have arrived in Costa Rica.

This is the first morning in Costa Rica our hosts are awesome.  Hate to have to go to another location.  We want to see the rest of the city.

So this morning I’m wondering, why do I want to be a leader?

We’re here with three gentleman on a beautiful piece of property.  I got to dig in the garden yesterday and do some composting already getting Costa Rican soil under my fingernails.

Why do I want to be a leader in LIFE?

Why do you want to do the things your doing?

Why are you moving to Costa Rica?  Everyone likes to ask this, or at least did before we left.

Fear is a big part of what is causing me to want more money and more security.  More options.  One of the gents here though has consistently reminded me that the Universe does provide Freely whenever you need things.

Similarly though if we invest in the university of freedom, we get greater things back out of it.  Sometimes life does require an investment.  So when and what do we invest?  Is time an investment?  Is money an investment?  Is information or sharing if information investing?   God says in the bible that if we are given the gift of encouraging others then do it.  If we are given the gift of prophecy etc. What are your gifts and how do you apply them to the world around you?

We now have access to information that has made me a better father, husband, and friend.  Gives me motivation and encouragement to dedicate myself to living intentionally for excellence.  Allows the opportunity to grow a huge income that can be used to do all these other things that I dreamed of doing.  Not just motorcycles for my little man.  Not just a home to live in.  A lifestyle that allows unlimited potential to manifest in a world where money is still the ultimate leader?  Not much can really be done on large scale without some capital investment.

John Wayne said “courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.”

It took courage to move to another country.  It took courage to take a risk and pursue a dream of changing the world and starting an educational revolution.  I’ve been able to partner with some of the best leaders in the world who know how to get things done.  So why should I be afraid of success?  Why should I be afraid to become a leader?  Again it comes back to why do I want to?

Why do I want to influence people to become better husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and more.  Better leaders and follower, better friend to my list of amazing friends.  Better servant to my Lord.  In the process we can create enough wealth to change the paradigm.  To help encourage a shift in consciousness to help people realize there is a better way.

Changing the world to allow people to give up trading 100,000 hours of time to a career that most of us hate, to serve the riches of others with no personal reward.  With no hope for achieving the freedom they really want.

Really truly I want is to prove to my son and the world that anyone can do anything if they dream big enough.  If a cyborg from the future can create enough change and influence enough people to create a reality that for six years was nothing but a dream then what can you do?  What dream do you have and what kind of influence do you want to be?

No matter what we have influence on people.  If you don’t believe it just try walking around town smiling at everyone.  See what it does for their day and yours.  Some people won’t smile back.  Others will smile a beautiful smile and sunshine in your life.

Well busy feeding the peacock from the avezoo next door.  Wondering what happened to the iguana that was climbing the ginormous Fica tree.  Enjoying the breeze and preparing to honor our commitments and travel around the city for the next month.

This is Conrad Von Supertramp.  Signing off for now.  Pictures to come at


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